Tending List: Feb 2021

So I should have posted this last week really but you better late than never. Back in December, I set a bunch of ambitions that I wanted in place for this year. I am fully aware that some of these will not get done but if I can make progress through the year then great!

So what is on my monthly tending list? The month is broken down into Monthly, Weekly, and Daily action items. Here are my items for the month of Feb.

Monthly Action Items

Set up Shop on blog for cards

I have a whole bunch of cards that I made a while ago now that have been sat in a drawer for a while now and I am wanting to sell them and any profits from them I am going to donate to York Pride.

Declutter back bedroom or attic

It is fair to say that the back bedroom is a mess it is, unfortunately, a bit of a dumping ground at the moment. Well, that’s not fair it’s more of a transition space for things that need to go into the attic. This is going to be a little and often project this month.

Clear any debt – Simply Be/Credit card

This one is an easy one to do I just need to sit down and do it. It will most likely happen this weekend, to be honest.

Weekly Game night – not pc

Over the past few months, we have built up a lovely little bank of two player games. I am going to be reviewing these over the months so that you can get a chance to see what games are out there.

Check-in with friends

I and Jono are fairly good with this we speak to our a lot but we could do better and actually have a proper chat really. I am thinking that I need to schedule some zoom chats with them.

Rehang art – gallery wall above sofa

The wall behind the sofa is still empty! I have two pieces of art that I am wanting to get put up. But I need to plan out the location of the pieces and how they will work with other frames around them.

Research Shed replacement

The shed is old and it is leaking! Really leaking! So the plan is to rip it down and buy a new one. But it is going to need some thought about what we want from the new one, I have an idea but I need to make a proper plan.

Paint bits around the house

You would think that I would not need to do this but there are already a few spots around the house that need a little touch-up. It really is just small things but it’s a different colour in each room so I think I have to break this down.

Paint porch and conservatory brick – prevent damp

This one is MASSIVELY weather dependant and may not happen this month. I have the paint and I have the brushes I just need a couple of good days to do the painting.

Dog Research – Red Fox Lab

Oh yeah, I am allowed a dog! However, I need to do all the prep-work first for it like buying a cage and toys and bowls. I also need to work out the logistics of how Patch will react to the dog and how we into them together and how we are going to feed it and who is waking it and when. I am so excited!

Weekly Action Items

Sort through external drives

I have a couple of external drives that have a whole bunch of files on them that need to be archived and sorted. This is going to be a little and often job when I am at the pc.

Check-in on Trello

This is different from the daily check that I do each morning. This is looking at the board as a whole seeing what projects need some work doing on them and which need to be either archived or delegated.

Did I check Money Dashboard

Using Money Dashboard has never been a strong point for me so I am trying to log in once a week to go through all our spending and tagging them to see where our money is going. Not that we are struggling but we could do with saving more. Though on the plus side we managed to shave 5 years off our mortgage and I want to start overpaying that again.

Meal plan more vegetables

While I am growing more vegetables this year one thing that we need to do is actually plan more veg in our meals. This is going to take a few months to become a habit but we can get it started now.

Get out in garden when you can

I still have a lot of jobs that need to be done before the garden is going to be ready for spring. There is still a lot of dirt that needs to go in the beds to get them topped up and the greenhouse needs setting up properly not to mention the new shed sort out. I just need to get out and do something when it is nice. Just a little steps forward.

Declutter Garage

This one I have actually done and finished for the month! I got someone to come and take away all the furniture that has been sat for months and it has given us a bunch of space it is now laid out kind of the way we want it for now. But on the whole, this is done!

Daily Action Items

Move Body

This can be anything but I want to move my body for at least 20mins a day. This could be a walk, yoga, or out in the garden or on the bike. Just 20mins at least.

Stretch mind

I have started learning embroidery. and I want to continue with this and continue to progress my skills in this.

Clear Space

Declutter anywhere! I am thinking about doing another mins game which could be interesting to do. But I want to pair done the amount of stuff in the house.

No Spend

I did really well last month and I am hopeful about this month. I have very much had a shift in perspective in regards to my planner so I am hoping that this trend continues.

1 hour of social

I would like to reduce the amount of doom scrolling that I am doing. I am getting better but I think that there is room for improvement.

Planner Check in

This is just a daily task that I need to get done to ensure that I am work on the plans and moving things forward and not just wasting time.

I will do a check-in next month and share how I got on and what the next month’s action items are going to be in place next month.

Stay safe!


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