May 2020 Bullet Journal Set up

So I changed notebooks. I know, what was I thinking, well I have moved down a size to a b6. I had a spare B6 on the shelf and though I was thinking that I would move into an a6, however, I thought that the jump was too much to do without getting used to a smaller paper size.

I have a Stalogy in a WHP Desgin cover with one from BujoPlanner on its way in yellow and grey. I am so excited about it. Today however I wanted to share how I have set up May in my smaller Bujo and the spread that I have been mostly using over the past month.

I got this cover from WHPDesigins on Etsy it did have a white elastic as well but I decided to take that of and make it more of a folio. The pen that I have been mostly using is a Plantinum Plaisir with the Carbon Ink. This is highlighter proof! Game changer.

I rarely do a cover page for my months but the theme this month I wanted to give it a go and see how I was going to do it before actually committing to it. I am however really happy with the colour and it’s very me.

As you might be aware I am growing my own vergetables this year and I have very much been enjoying it. But I have found that I am losing my garden notes in amoungst my daily’s. So I decide it would be worth making the garden its own spread in my journal so that I can keep track of things I notice.

This included having a water tracker. But not just water but also when I have given the plants a feed as some need doing weekly, others monthly but watering needs to happen pretty much every day!

My May monthly is still in here but this is going to be tracking the different Day celebrations throughout the month. You may or may not know that I run Days Of The Year and every month I try to celebrate a hand full of the different days and blog about it over there. So this is where I will be keeping track of that.

I have been let’s say less then great at staying on top of my Instagram for the past few months. I seem to have got a fuck this shit kinda attitude towards it. But I want to stay more consistent with it. Even if it is just a story I put up. And of course I need a brain dump space.

I know that I have very little to plan at the moment but what I do have planned I don’t want to forget it so I have set up a little pre-plan section. Inspired of course by Lindsey. Just needed somewhere to dump Zoom calls and Quiz nights.

Last but not least I have putting a gratitude spread back in. With the world the way it is I think we all need to have a little gratitude. As it seems that we are starting to see the nasty side of people and I have had friends that have been screamed at by strangers. We are all in the same boat and there is not need to turn to hostility.

I hope that you are staying safe and that you are looking after yourself. I know that being stuck safe at home can be hard but think about the lives that could be lost if we all decided to ignore the rules.

Be safe, speak soon.


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