Slow and steady seedlings

Slow and steady seedlings

Even with the frustration of the current situation I am enjoying looking after my garden and watching my little seeds go from strength to strength! I started planting these a few months ago and a few have died and others have grown SO much!

I have been keeping track of when I have been planting things and when they are due to germinate and when they should be going out in the garden and in their different spots in the vegetable plot.

I have so many that have popped up in the last week and a few that have needed to be repotted and a few that have gone out in the actual plots! I have a lot of photos to share so here goes.

Another few weeks and I will have hardened off all the seedlings and they will be ready to go out in the veg plots and then they will need a little less maintenance but will still need looking after.

I am really enjoying the time I am spending out in the garden and off my phone and away from the computer. It’s a nice distraction from what is going on in the world at the moment.

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