June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

How are you all doing? How is it June! Even though this year has been a bit of a mad one my bullet journal is still in full swing and used daily. Though my tasks have reduced in one area of my life. They have increased in another area. I am thankful that I get to spend a bit more time in the garden and in the 11 weeks that we have been in Lockdown I have got so much done!

But anyway, let’s get to the photos that you are here for! My June set up is mostly trackers so each evening is going to be an effort to fill these all in and plan for the next day!

How cute is this cover illustration! It is from SeerLight’s Patreon. I love the style of this and I have a few more printed off for the next few months. I have just printed this on some vellum that I had. The June text is printed on thermal paper from Phomemo.

This is a new tracker for me and it’s to try and keep me and the house on track. I have noticed that I have let things slip this month and it is making me feel really guilty so I am hoping that this will get me back on track.

Okay yes, I have a tracker for Animal Crossing. This are still a lot of things that I am missing and I am terraforming my island as well and it’s going okay but there is still a lot to do!

This tracker was REALLY helpful last month and helped me with the garden. It is something that I wasn’t sure about but this was one of the most helpful trackers that I did for the garden. It helped a lot with trouble shooting why certain plants were doing things.

This was another really helpful page, because I have a brain like a sieve and this has helped with figuring out when seeds were planted and moved and if there was anything wrong.

This is a new tracker for me. But because I have been having headaches more frequently I am wanting to figure out what is causing them. I can usually shake them but the last one I had just knocked me for six.

I have been a bit spend happy this past month and I want to track what I am spending and try and get it under control and limit it to things that I need rather then want. Then the blog posts are the two posts that I am going to be doing for the month of June. Though I may end up doing another one on my new toy. *wink wink*

Another new tracker for me. I wanted to try and refocus on my Instagram now that I am feeling more settled into my bujo and have some sort of consistent posting schedule and have some set posts on set days.

I am wanting to keep track of my food and that I am not eating too much pasta and rice because I could quite happily eat it every day given the chance. Who else loves carbs!?

I have not been sleeping well. I have had about 4/5 hours of sleep each night so I am going to be tracking the hours along with everything else and hopefully I will be able to shed some light on why I am so tired!

I am really happy with this set up and I am determined to fill every single one of these in my set up. How have you set up your bujo this month? Is there anything you would like me to cover in detail?

Keep your eye open for another post later in the month all about my garden!

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed browsing your site, especially ideas from the bujo trackers. I already had the garden idea, but you’ve shown several more. Saw you on Philofaxy

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