A Walk Around York: Precentor Court

Welcome through the Hole in the Wall! With the hustle and bustle of the city behind us, our first Snickelway delivers us through to Precentor’s Court. This quiet and quaint part of the city dates back to 1610. Here is a drawing of the court through the Hole in the Wall, compared to how it looks today.














Don’t mind my mum. 🙂 If we turn left we are met with the York minster and in the Snickelways book there is a drawing of how it looked in days gone by, compared to how it looks today.















































Well I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks and that you will stop by next week were we head into Dean’s Park.

Have a fab day!



  1. I love the etchings and juxtaposed with today’s picture, fascinating!
    Having grown up in Paris but living in Chicago now, I miss that sense of history and continuity

    Thank You, keep them coming!
    Any tea shops you like where you live?
    do share 😉

  2. Hi Sam. I would like to use this sketch in my photograph on my website. I have a picture and would like to juxtapose it with my version. What book is this image taken from.

    • Hey Mark – Its from A Walk Around the Snickelways of York but its quite hard to get a copy – I got mine from Waterstone but I’m not sure if they still sell them.

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