A Walk Around York: Hole in the Wall

I hope that like the start of our journey. So now that we have started our walk let’s continue by meeting our first Snickelway. In order to navigate this walk there are a lot of maps, no really a lot of maps. Here is the first map.

Map-Section- AThis map is broken down into 6 detailed maps to guide us around the winding snickelways. Here is the first detailed map in order to direct us to our first Snickelway.


Just on the other side of Bootham Bar you will see on the left hand side a pub called The Hole in the Wall but just before you reach this pub there is a small opening before the entrance. Now there is no image in the book for this Snickelway and when we went on our walk there was scaffolding up in front of  the Snickelway. Here’s my picture.


So we have made it to our first Snickelway, join me next week we will step through the Hole in the Wall to Precentors court.

Have a fab day!


  1. Dave

    Precentor’s Court is one of my favourite secret photo spots in York – I look forward to next week’s installment!

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