May 2021 Bullet Journal Set up

I think it’s actually May now, isn’t it? I was a little confused last month because I did a May cover… Mistakes are crazy and you move on! This month I went super extra with the decorating. But I like it, it’s a fun and bright, I just need to figure out my weeks or days. I might have to look on Etsy or Instagram for some inspiration.

So, here I am on page 63 in my LT1917 and my May set up ends on page 85. These are all before the pen so make sure that you follow me over on Instagram to see what they look like through out the month. There’s a lot of pages to go through, best get started!

Cover page

I have mixed feelings about cover pages in general. They are a great divider to the months but also WTF is it there for! But I have done one. I really like how it has turned out. I *may* continue this through the rest of the year but I am not sure yet.

I had seen a picture on Instagram that I didn’t save for some reason *facepalm*, but it really inspired me to do this. The picture was just the blobs of colour and then I went a bit further with the drawings. I am loving the 90’s vibe that it has. Almost a nod to Saved by the Bell!


I love a monthly! This is where I live and run my whole life really. I did a bit of a Dutch door on this month to add a bit more space. Also, this is inspired by someone on Instagram. I really need to get better at saving the photos.

Then behind the flap is my Instagram tracker which I am determined to get back on top of! I hope! I have a bunch of prompts that I need to add to this in order to have a lease so clue as to what I am posting this month.

Let’s see how I get on with this over the month and if I actual use. I am going to try and get ahead on a few images but that’s kind of hard when it coms to a bujo right!?

Daily Review

This is a new to me page. I am hoping that I can keep on top of this. I am also thinking of maybe doing this once a week and putting a bunch of photos.

Wish me luck on this one. I have baked in 30 mins at the end of each day to go through my bujo to update everything so fingers crossed.


I know that I have an online planner for the garden. I keep forgetting to update the info in there and I just put it in my bujo. So I have a few pages where I can make notes. Then transfer to the online planner at the end of the week.

It has not rained in a while so I am going to keep track of when I am water the garden. So that I can see when they have been water and also given a feed.

This is just an outline of what is where to that I can do a quick reference in the garden as the garden planner does not do well on mobiles. This is the easiest way to keep on track for me.

Then just an extra spread for more notes. Because you can never have enough note space when it comes to gardening.


The next few pages are all about tracking and this is something that I need to get better at so that I can spot trends. We shall see how it goes.

Just a couple of things that I want to track and then a weekly round up with m fave photo of the week on the end there.

This is a blog post tracker, well it’s more of a notes page really. But I want to keep on top of posting once a week though I have stalled over the past couple.

Then we get into money tracking. This is going to be an interesting one as again it takes a bit of time to do but I should be able to get this done in the time that I am putting at the end of the day.

Then I have bills, savings and credit card payments. Fingers crossed I can keep up with these.

I then also have a shop spread. Oh yeah, I have a shop. There is not a lot on there at the moment but I’m hoping to get a few of my original watercolours up. And get them on sale by the end of the month and then next month I will work on actually marketing them.

And last but not least is the first week of the month. I am going to be taking some extra time on a Sunday to set up the week and then just have scratch notes on the following spread.

I hope you like this set up I am excited to get stuck into it!

Stay Safe!


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