Falling and getting back on the wagon

Falling and getting back on the wagon

I have to admit that June has been one of those months. You know the one I mean, a month where just everything hits the fan and I may have had a little bit of a breakdown mid-month. This is not easy to write about nor was it easy to go to Jon about but I needed to have a change and that definitely reflected in my planning.

Having picked up and put down numerous notebook sizes and planners I just could not settle into any one routing and it was driving me insane and creating more tension and stress in my head then I was comfortable with.

I had a huge clear out of my desk and reorganised my side of the office so that I had space to be creative if I wanted to but still had space to do my job. I applied for a pr team not really thinking that I would get onto it as I have not done anything pr for over a year now. But to my surprise and joy, I was accepted. I can’t wait to share those things with you.

I will not however be sharing a setup blog post with you this month. I have thought this over and it just puts too much stress on my bujo to share a not useful (to me at least) set up that is only going to get have used. so instead. I am going to be sharing bits and pieces over on my Instagram with a slightly longer caption and then here I will be sharing a bit of my memory journaling and how I am setting up my pages for that.

I may also start sharing my art with you guys as well over on YouTube. Yes, I have a channel it is small but it is there. I have so many ideas about how I want to set up a shop selling my art but I have no idea where to start in that respect so I am doing my research. Watch this space!

Finally the blog. I want to keep chatting with you guys I want to keep sharing my thoughts and opinions with you but not every post is going to be about my planner or my journal. Some posts may just be like this, a small chat with you or maybe sharing pictures of where I have been with you.

I know some may not want to read that and that’s fine I get that but I want to share more with you and I hope that you will share more with me. I want to create a safe space where we can shoot the shit and put the world to rights.

I hope that you stick around and that you join me on this next step in my online life.

Stay safe!

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