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I miss travel! There is no two ways about it. I miss seeing new places and exploring new cultures. With the pandemonium coming to an end there is a light at the end of the airbridge.

Thankfully we have found something that is helping kinda scratch that travel itch and it is VirtualTrips (soon to be heygo). It’s a shame that we did not find it sooner as it has been really interesting!

Virtualtrips started as a way for co-founders John and Liam to keep exploring new places. As avid travelers themselves, they wanted to help people stay connected with the world and for those in the travel industry to continue doing what they love.


You can book as and when you like and at the end of the tour you can tip your tour guide just like you would if you were in that country. This is really a great way to support those that have been hit hard. And you get to have a look at somewhere that you would not normally go. Or maybe you could use it to scout out some places that you do want to visit in future.

I have done a few now and I have really enjoyed them and there is a neat feature that lets you take a “postcard” of what you are looking at so that you can share with others or it your like me, stick it in your journal.

The Monumental Naples: Seaside

This was one of he first trips I did. I was supposed to be going to Naples Last year but you know *rolls eyes*. But this was a delightful little stroll around the seaside and you could see Vesuvius in the back ground which was great!

The Mountain of Thebes At Night

Egypt has been on my bucket list for years! Having the chance visit even if its virtual was great. Seeing the Theban Mountains lit up with spotlights representing tombs was magnificent!

Rural Egypt On Horseback

I was really happy to see this tour as I love Egypt. This was a great look at the rural life that a lot of people don’t really see. Lesley the guide was really lovely at showing the country and explaining the way they work the crops that they are growing.

The Pyramid of Cholula

This tour while really interesting highlighted just how little I actually know about Mexico. I really want to try and get on a few more tours around Mexico as I really don’t know that much about the country. This was a great walk around Cholula.

Night walk in Yasaka-jinja shrine

I want so badly to go to Japan and do some tours in person! But for now this will do. Ken was a great tour guide and explained about the temple and the Shinto beliefs that I can really get on board with. What was really interesting was that all the paper lanterns were advertisements for different companies!

I have a whole bunch more tours booked in and Jono is wanting to do a bunch of UNESCO tours as well. What do you think? Will you be doing a few trips at all? Let me know in the comments.

Stay safe!

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