March Wrap Up!

March has been quiet! Not a lot has happened so this is going to be a short wrap-up! But there has been a lot of work out in the garden this month. Oh, and I got a new job!

The start of the month was a slow one, so I got my seeds in order. I knew what I was going to be growing this month. But, I was not sure of whether it was an indoor seed or if it needed to go straight into the ground! I had originally organised my seeds by which bed they were going in. But that was confusing as to when each seed was going to be sown.

Instead, I organised them by the month that they needed to be planted. I then realised just how many were getting done in the month of March. Following on from last month the cart is going strong with all the small seedlings growing quickly!

Putting the seedlings on here was one of the best things I could! It now only takes a few seconds now to rotate them so that they are all getting the same amount of light! Instead of it taking ages to rotate all the different planters. The potatoes though are still in a box on the window sill.

But they are coming along and will be going out into my potato bags soon. I still haven’t picked a spot for them just yet. but once I do I’ll update you next month. This month also marked the starting point of using the greenhouse!

It looks different now at the end of the month. I have now got a potting bench in there but this is my favorite place in the garden now. I can hide away and play with plants! A lot of time was spent out in the garden this month, however, we also did manage to sneak in a cheese night.

Wines and cheeses picked by the ladies of Love Cheese. We had put together a great spread but the connection to them was really flaky. So we just enjoyed the cheeses on our own and watch a movie instead.

If I could be out in the garden this month I was! And I started my sunflowers off this month as well. I don’t know where they are going to go just yet. But they are in the greenhouse in their own little propagators.

The mulch that was on the garlic came off this month as well. They are coming along nicely! I can’t wait to get them out of the ground but is it going to be Jul/Aug before I can harvest!

Spring is the best time of the year and I got to harvest some about a week earlier than last year. And they are still going strong in my office. This was around the middle of the month which is when I started my new job at Yoast as Social Ops. No, I don’t know what that means either. But I get to help the small social team they have and also help share some of the amazing things the company does.

This lead to one of the first social activities that we did which was making an Italian sandwich bread. It was delicious and so much fun! I will certainly be doing some of that again.

On one of my afternoon walks around the garden I spotted this little circle tucked up in my veg bed. He was there are a good couple of hours and then trotted on out of the bed after both Loki and Patch had a sniff at what he was doing.

The next day while I was working in the garden Patch decided that he wanted to have a sit in the bed and curled up on the wool there. I had to do something about it. I took the wool out to begin with. Then I have constructed something that is a little less permanent and easier to remove! But it is also cat proof.

So I did start sowing some seeds outside but as there is still a risk of frost I was needing to put some fleece down. I have a really large piece of fleece that I am just cutting down as and when I need it but Loki decided that is was a good cave for a nap. These cats are not the best helpers in the garden.

So the end of March is here and having done a lot but not nearly as much as February. April may end up being a busy one as well. The new pc turned up and it is so pretty and very colourful! April is going to be another garden heavy month. And I am still trying to find a balance between home/DOTY/Yoast but I will get there!


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