Garden Update: March 2021

Garden Update: March 2021

Some might say that I was mad for starting to plant seeds in February but everything is growing great! I have to say seeing all the little buds popping through the ground. Now, if I could just remember where the hell I planted stuff is fun. Fingers crossed that my alliums come back this year as they were beautiful last year.

So there is not a lot that is happening out in the garden at the moment. But, the seedlings are coming along in the house and I have converted my craft trolley into a plant trolley! It is so much easier to move the little seedlings around now. Now they actually get sun on both sides without it taking 20 mins every day turning pots!

The beans are also doing really well; though I should probably move them into the greenhouse now as they are getting a tag large! They are staying in these pots they just need lifting and shifting. I might do that at the weekend. It’s nearly time to get them outside as well and the last frost is supposed to be next week. But I don’t want to risk it hence going into the greenhouse for a little bit.

I planted out my onions this month as well. I do have them under a sheet of wool at the moment. Hopefully, when the weather picks up towards the end of this month, they will have the cloche put on them.

There are whole bunch of seeds to plant this weekend. I need to hold back on the amount that I plant. I can almost guarantee that I will over plant. Then I will have too many and they will end up in the compost which is such a waste.

I have had a chance to reorganise my seedbox though. I have put it in month order rather than bed order. There is a lot to plant at the end of this month. But, I am very excited about this! Like I said I just need to make sure that I don’t overplant! I have no one that I can give the seedlings to.

I have also taken the mulch off the garlic and they are now ready for the dirt to warm up, I have to fight the temptation to dig one out of the ground before the end of July. I am going to have so much garlic!

I shall share some more updates with you next month and there will be a lot to update!

Stay safe!

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