Jorvik Viking Festival 2021

Jorvik Viking Festival 2021

For many years now I have celebrated Viking week. Hell, I even got engaged at one of the feasts. Every year see us gather our urban family around us and enjoy laughs, shouts and many a glass of mead. Skål! But this year sees a change in activities for us. though we are still going to enjoy the festival, it is going to be a home affair.

Jono had a look at the festival calendar a couple of the workshops stood out and he thought that I would love and he was not wrong. They were spinning and leather crafting, he bought the kits and they turned up really quickly!

They came in two boxes each with this sticker on the outside so you knew what came with which activity. As soon as you opened the leather work one you could smell the leather. I have never worked with leather before so this was a bit of a learning curve for me.

I think I got the hang of it and soon got into the groove of it it was really theraputic but I have to say after a while my fingers started to hurt and towards the end I had to get a pair of plyers so that I could pull the needles through as I just couldn’t do it anyone.

I am really proud of what I have done even though it was only a small part of the process I really enjoyed it and the talk that I watched while doing it was also really interesting and I learned some things I did not know about the Coppergate Encampment.

The spinning workshop was one that really peaked my interest, not only had I not done it before but I could also incorporate it into my embroidery somehow. I am not sure how but I will think of something. With this workshop you seemed to get a lot of wool.

That grey one caught my eye and is the one that I did during the class. I must say that I am not great at this and it is going to take some practice to get this right. However, the talk about what was found in the Coppergate center was fascinating. That you can extrapolate how wool was made by looking at the spinning style is crazy!

I am really impressed with how Jorvick have adapted to this online version of the festival and how they are managing it! This is one of those great example of a company thinking on it’s feet and dealing with a change in circumstances.

Great work team! Stay safe!

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