February Wrap Up!

February Wrap Up!

February has been a bit of a month. Expensive but a good month. I am wanting to share with you what I am getting up to every month, I know that the current state of affairs can only be described as shit, we are still living and moving along in life.

At the start of the month, I started my research into buying a new shed to replace this very leaky shed. It’s been here as long as we have and was here before we bought the house – I don’t know how long – and over the winter it has been leaking and starting to rot down. It’s time to rip it down and get a new one.

I have picked out a new one and I have got it ordered and should be installed towards the end of March. So the new one will be in next month’s wrap-up. On the back of sorting out the shed, we also got the garage in order. I got a furniture removal company to remove some items that have been sat in the garage for a while now.

We also managed to get the two man-cupboards off the walls and got rid of them as well as that is something that we have wanted to get done for a while now. It really is a different space in there.

Though the garage doesn’t look like this ^ at the moment it is full of shed bits while we wait for the new shed to arrive. But while I wait for that I have started a few seeds early to get a head start on the ones that I know to have a very long germination time frame.

For example, the chillis and aubergines need at least 20 days and warmth for germination. I have a now got a few small plants. ready to be planted up and ready to start going into bigger pots. I am hoping that I can get a better crop this year.

It was also Yorkshire Pudding Day early in the month so Jono picked out a beef joint from Farmison and I made Yorkie puds! It was delicious. The puds could have been better but the beef was perfect.

Jono also made some gravy with the vegetables that had cooked under the beef and it was delicious! Not long after this, we got a heavy falling of snow! It was a good few days of it. Unfortunately, it did take a while for half the garden to thaw. But it was fun while it lasted.

Patch is not a fan of the snow so he did not go out in it but next door’s cats were out in it most of the time except for when it was very windy. Oh, and the wind broke my damn little greenhouse as well so I am gonna have to get another cover for it.

I also managed to get out in the garden for a little bit when the snow cleared and I managed to break the box that I use to sieve the dirt that comes out of the compost bins. So I had to get a bit creative.

I have this huge Really Useful Box that would be perfect for it but it was too big for the sieve to run along the side so I pulled some of the wood off the pile of stuff in the front garden, grabbed a saw, and got to measuring and hammering. And I built this wooden frame that sits on top of the box and the sieve sits on top of that. I must admit I was pretty chuffed with myself.

February also calls for Viking Week and with the current state of affairs, it is all online this year. Jono had clocked a could of workshops for me and ordered the stuff.

I was surprised at what turned up to be honest and I tried my hands at both spinning pieces of wool – which I suck at – and saddle sticking up a leather pouch – which looks awesome – the instruction videos were great.

So in this last week of the month, the shed is gone! Yup, the base is ready to have the new one sat on top of it. But It does mean that I have to work out of the garage and the new shed is not turning up for another 4 weeks.

Beau came and did some garden work for us as well. starting with getting rid of the shed. He said that it was really solid so he had to get a chainsaw to it. Haha! I mentioned closing up the gap in the fence but it needs to be able to let the frogs through but the cats can’t get through.

He also built a proper base for my little greenhouse and he has also put some weed suppressant down and a load of gravel, and it has really transformed the veg plot area.

It looks amazing now and also much better than what I could have done. I got the hoops in place and the trellis for the plants to grow up. I am very excited about this new growing season. Here is what the garden looks like at the end of this month. Look yellow bricks.

February has been a busy month. I hope that March feels the same I have a lot of planting to get on with.

Stay safe!

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