Plan With Me – Pretty Poinsettia

Happy Christmas! I hope that you are all having a fab day! I was in two minds about doing this week’s plan with me but I decided to keep me accountable to do it and next year (not long now) I will be adding a video, hopefully, at the end of each post, these are going to be hopefully hyper-lapses of me planning out the week but I have yet to test this so watch this space, see what I did there? I do hope that you are having a great day and I’ll keep this short!

Winter Animals

Last week I used a kit from Hummingbird Planner thankfully I got two of this kit so I can use it again later in the year. But here is how last week turned out.

Like with this time every year, I use my planner less and less and post-it notes on the wall in the kitchen take over. I have tried this year to use my planner but it’s looking very bare.

I rarely use full boxes but when I do they tend to denote a big chunk of time doing something or traveling. I have really enjoyed the way I have laid out my stickers in these inserts and I can’t wait to start my new ones next week.

Amanda the panda is everywhere all over my spreads at the moment and I have a few that I can’t wait to start using again.

Pretty Poinsettia

This is a kit from Plannerface from last year I think, yes I have been hoarding it!

I love poinsettias! I always have at least one in the house during Christmas so my Christmas week had to have them! I definitely went a bit overboard with the stickers this week but to be honest I’m not going to be using my planner a lot this week.

I have my plan on the wall in the kitchen and I know what I am doing every day so there is not a lot to plan. Next week, however, I am going to go back to my more minimal planning, and I’ll share an updated version of my planner for 2018.

I hope that you have a great week and I can’t wait to share next year with you guys and kick 2018 out of the park! I am also thinking about doing a monthly challenge just for myself to use one kit for the whole month and just add in a few functional stickers. I’ll perhaps do a vote each month as to what next months kit would be. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Take care of yourselves!