May Planner Spreads

May Planner Spreads

Wow! May has been all over the place for me. I have so much travel that I did all of my spread ahead of time and planned out the whole month. I don’t think I will be doing that in June.

June is going to be another travel heavy month but this time it is for a vacation not for work! I’ll be sure to share some photos with you over on my Instagram and I will also be sharing my packing list with you.

Shall we dig into last months spreads.

Monthly Spread

I tried something different in the month of may for my monthly spread. I got my hand on a core sheet from EllieBeth Designs and used that to lay out my comings and goings for the month.

While I did love how this looked I barely used it. I don’t know why I keep thinking that I will use a monthly spread in my planner because I just won’t (unless it’s my content calendar), I use Google calendar for all of my scheduling and future appointments. I need to stop reaching for it in my planner.

Planner Con Europe

This is one of the highlights for me this past month. Don’t get me wrong Dublin was stunning and Bucharest was breathtaking. But Planner Con is where my tribe is, you guys!

I wanted to create a layout that was simple but fun! Having had a look around Instagram I found an post. Loved the way they had done the header for the month and thought I would use it to do the header for this collection.

Unused Collections

Do you remember in last months post that I said I was not sure if I would use those two collections that I had set up. Well guess what…..?

Neither got used! Now hear me out. The reason that they did not get used is because I have all this info on either Google Calendar or Trello. I was duplicating the information for no reason at!

In my heart I am like, yeah let’s track this in the bujo that’s totally what you’re suppose to do. In my head I’m like, girl you know this ain’t going to happen and you have the info in a system that you trust. stop doing it for the sake of others.

So this is me trying to make my bujo for me and me only. It need to help me keep my shit together and not be #doingitforthegram!


May 6th – May 12th

The first full week of May was a bit of a blur for me and I was using a new layout that to be honest I didn’t really use. I was so busy that week getting ready for Planner Con Europe that I didn’t look at my planner.

I may try giving this layout another go, it is spread out over 4 pages so there is a lot of space and I know in my head how I wanted to use it. It just didn’t happen.

Let’s see how I get on in June as I do have a couple of layouts in my spare journal to try out but this one will finds it’s way back into rotation.


May 13th – May 19th

Well all I can say about this weekly spread is that I was in Dublin, I was having a great time, I did not look at my planner. I didn’t even journal this week. When I got home I printed out a few photos and this journalled.

But that is real life sometime you set your self up for the week and then there is tourism to be had!


May 20th – May 26th

This is a what a week at home catching up on everything looks like. I have a few more bits and pieces everywhere and there are more notes. This is what a week before more travel looks like.

Lots got done this week and with a trip turn around we managed to get clothes done and some gardening as well!


May 27th – June 2nd

Well you can’t really blame me for having this week pretty much blank! I was in Bucharest at a conference and then at Castle Bran. The castle believed to have inspired Dracula.

Oh well try again next month. One thing that I won’t be doing is pre doing the layouts. I will just be doing the as and when each week.

June Monthly

I know I said that I would not be doing another monthly but I set this up at the beginning of May. One last flurry at doing a monthly calendar.

The other monthly spread that I am wanting to try this month is a social media calendar. I very much neglect my Twitter and Facebook Page. So I want to get better at sharing things on there as well.

I have got a Pilot FriXion that I am going to use for this. I have never really used a FriXion before so this is going to be interesting.

I have a lot more travel to do in the month of June but most of it is for actual holidays rather than conferences. A few highlights are Junipalooza, France and Reighton Sands – Caravan Park.

I shall be back to show you how June turned out and the layouts that I used through out the month.