Crafty BonBons June box

Crafty BonBons June box

I am quite excited to be sharing this with you. I know that a few of you may have already had this months box. But, I wanted to share this with you as I have yet to find another crafty box that offers you as much as the Crafty BonBons box.

The box was started by the lovely ladies Ali and Debbie. I have been a big fan of Debbie’s since she opened BonBons Kawaii in 2014. And Ali, I meet for the first time this year at The Big Meet. She is an amazing person and will help any planner girls out if they need something printing.

These amazing ladies joined forces to bring an epic crafty box to the market that is packed full of all sort of goodies for all your crafty needs! I have so many photos to share!

Crafty Bonbons has been running since September 2017, can you believe it! They chose not start with a monthly subscription as they didn’t want to be badgering people for money. Because you know that sucks! If people like the theme of the box and want to buy one, awesome! It they want to skip a month, that is fine as well!

Both contribute towards the boxes in terms of making the contents. Debbie researches and sources the commercial products and Ali covers the printed goods. Everything is professionally printed on a digital printing press, they don’t do home printing. AND they both do any die cutting and digital cutting (as they each and have Big Shots and Silhouettes), and both do the packing up.

This is a serious power team! With so much care and attention to everything that is put into the boxes and how they will work together. With a choice of two sizes each box varies with what is included.

I have the A4 box to show off today and it is packed with a tonne of goodies for every crafty situation! In a typical month you will get in the A4 box:

  • Printed card/paper – around 4-9 x A4 sheets, depending upon weight. Some are double sided. Some are designed by the ladies, but mostly all are printed by Ali.
  • Washi tape
  • A pen
  • Stickers
  • An insert of some sort**
  • Page marker/paperclip
  • Journaling cards
  • Ephemera and/or die cuts
  • Bits ‘n’ bobs
  • Washi tape sample cards
  • Buttons or ribbons
  • Crafting supplies
  • Postcard/notecard
  • Planner paper

This list goes on! But anyway shall we dig into this box! I love that even the tissue paper that the box comes in is themed to the box!

There is so much in this box and I could have taken a bazillion photos but I am going to share with you a few of my favourite bits out of the box.

I mean picking up and looking at all the details that have gone into this box I really admire the ladies and their efforts to put this box together each month.

These little inserts instantly caught my eye and are so on trend at the moment. The biggest would be best for collages, the medium one doodling ideas. And the smallest that I would be worried I would lose is full of watercolour paper.

I love ephemera! You can do some really amazing things with is and these are beautifully printed and the bird circles are perfect for using as frames for photos in journaling.

Also can we just talk about those hot air balloons!? How cute are they! I am going to be laminating them and turning them into book marks! The quality of the print is amazing and the colours just pop. There is so much that you can do with these.

These are the last bits I promise!

I love sticky notes and these are just so cute! You can either use these are sticky notes or you can use them in your journaling pages. One thing that you can do is cut that inner circle a bit wider and use it as a frame on your pages.

Gotta love a good pen and washi! This is a super thin black line and I love that! Also these pens tend to write on a lot of different papers as well so they are very handy to have in your journaling arsenal! And you can’t go wrong with some washi!

When I saw these paperclips in the box they HAD to go straight into my bullet journal! They are great page markers and also great as a highlight as well.

Last but not least and some of the handiest parts of the box is the journal cards as these can be washi taped in, with the tape from the box, to your planner, journal or notebook. These are also great for adhoc notes and messages to friends. Got a package that you are sending? Pop one in with a note and your done!

So, July’s box is almost ready for ordering in a few days! Have I tempted you? Fancy getting your hands on one? Well head on over to the shop and make sure you get your hands on one the June box sold out super quick!

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