July 2019 Round-up

July 2019 Round-up

So July marked the last month in my Bullet Journal. Even with me journaling every day and doing memory keeping for holidays/trips, I was able to get 4 months in my LT1917.

But now with August underway, I am not going into another LT1917, I am in fact going to go into my Hobonichi Cousin for the rest of the year. I know at the beginning of the year I noped off the bandwagon because everyone has one.

But, what I have found is that everyone has the weeks and there are not a lot of cousin users out there. So I am hoping that my endeavors into using the Hobonichi as a Bullet Journal might inspire a few people to use the cousin in all its glory!

Anyway, let’s dig into my last month in my LT1917 and the pages that I created and used.


July 1st – July 7th

As you might have come to expect I had a lot on this week and I was travelling to Barcelona at the end of this week as well. So, I kept it short and sweet and did a couple of daily spreads and then dived into journaling.

Barcelona was amazing and even though I didn’t actually write a lot about it I put a few of my favorite photos in my journal in daily order which is the first time that I have actually done it like this.


July 8th – July 14th

This again was one of those awkward half weeks. I basically planned out the few days that I was in the office and then just had a list of stuff that I needed to get done that week.

The Sunday of this week I ended up doing a daily page that I ended up really enjoying.


July 15th – July 21st

I’m calling this my failed experiment week, I had a lot going on this week and I wanted to have an overview and a weekly tracker. But I should have known that this would fail. I set it up and then didn’t really look at it for the rest of the week.

Instead, I did daily pages for the rest of the week that I really enjoyed and I think that’s what has prompted the change to the Hobonichi.


July 22nd – July 28th

I have to admit this last week in the LT1917 did not get as much love as it should have. I very much noped out of this notebook at this point because we had friends up and I was heading to PlannerFest that weekend.

So I only actually planned out two days.

All in all, I have very much enjoyed my notebook over the past four months and I am very much looking forward to using my Hobonichi for the rest of the year. I’ll be sharing that with you over the next few months.

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