Bloggers Like Us: Self Care and Diet?

Bloggers Like Us: Self Care and Diet?

So not gonna lie I suck at this a lot of the time. It is something that I have been working on this though for the past few months. Though to be honest the diet thing is more about being more conscious about what I am eating rather than depriving myself of things. If I want chocolate Imma gonna eat chocolate!

Well, what am I doing to take care of Sam and her state of mind and body? (Urgh) Well for one I won’t be referring to myself in the third person. Ain’t no one here for that!

I have actually overhauled my morning routine so it is a bit more streamlined and my bedtime (YAY!) is a little later. I am still getting around 7 hours sleep but I am getting up at 7 am and then going to bed around half 10 – 11.

I have also started to add a 15 min exercise(?) to my morning routine. Yeah, I know who dis? But this has actually allowed me to listen to a podcast that I have fallen behind on and also think through what I want out of the blog and my social media.

What am I doing?

Well, if you have followed for a while you will know that I have flitted between a number of planners. While I was doing this I was happy to do this to show off different planners to you guys. But it eventually got to the point where I was forgetting things!

And for a planner person that is not cool! I had got to the point where I was overwhelmed and I had to strip back what I was doing. A lot of that is explained in my previous post. I have been using the Bullet Journal method for 4 months now and I am going into my second notebook and yes I have 6 more on the shelf as I don’t think I will be moving out soon.

I have started to journal more in my notebook as well. I am spending about 20 mins on a morning just emptying my brain of any thoughts and feelings and I am also trying to do this throughout the day as well. This has led to me holding on to things a lot less in my head.

Once I stopped fighting myself in regards to trying to do all the things a lot of things just clicked and I managed to get a handle on my mental health and I was able to start focusing on things around the house that needed to get done. I have half a dozen project that needed to get done but I was finding that I just didn’t want to do them.

But now I have a clear plan in Trello as to what is happening and when and what the outcome is going to be. This extra mental space that I have was also going to help me with getting back on top of my health.

Healthy Eating, Diet?

Now stick with me. I didn’t want to start another weight loss program but I knew that I needed to do something as I was back to my pre-wedding weight and that meant that I had a lot of aches and pains in my knee and hip, just on the right mind you. I knew that this was because of the weight because I didn’t have these problems when I lost weight. But what was I going to do about it?

Another thing that kick-started all of this was that I wanted to start eating more vegetarian meals. Now I am not going to do the typical vegetarian bullshit of preaching because I am still eating meat but I wanted to reduce the amount of meat that I was eating and get more vegetables into my diet.

So like any good millennial, I took to Pinterest to get some ideas on what I could do that would be simple to cook and easy to get into my meal routine. I have several meals pinned at the moment and a few of these with definitely make their way into regular rotation.

So that was the food side sorted but what about the exercise? So I must admit that we have had an elliptical and a bike in the garage for a while and then have not been used. But in order to use them, we had to set up the garage in a way that would reduce the friction.

So one weekend Jono and I decided that we would gut the garage and make it our little shit gym. The two machines are now in the middle of the room and we have started to do at least 15 mins on them each morning. Happy to say that this is going well.

Jono listens to a podcast and I either listen to music or a podcast depending on my mood that morning. Admittedly it is not the same as going out on the bike but at least it is something! And it is better than the nothing that we were doing before.

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