Inkwell Press Week 8

Inkwell Press Week 8

Well after a lot of tooing and froing, I have managed to settle on a layout that works for me in my Inkwell Press. I must say, though, this is thanks to two lovely ladies on Instagram, Cynthia and Mindy. I have been an avid follower of theirs for a while now and decided to incorporate their style and inspiration into my own planner. Now my IWP is more for me and my house and I am using the Hello Day Planner as my work/daily planner. I may show that in future posts but it is mainly pen. But I wanted to share with you how I have been getting on with my IWP.

You might remember from my review post that I have the honeycomb teal. I LOVE this cover! You can find my review of this planner here. But let’s get into the weeks, shall we?

This is how it has turned out – Not everything is ticked off yet as I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon but everything will be finished by the end of today. Here is a bit of a close up.

I’m glad that I have settled on what my three boxes are, though I need a better way to make them as the header stickers I’m using take up a bit too much space, any suggestion you have are much appreciated. As we are also heading into March I thought I would share my monthly with you and my mission board, so here goes.

I think this is the most decorative I have got with my monthlies they tend to be fairly plain and have only appointments and Jono’s travel on them but I decided to include bin days and weight ins and Moneydashboard check ups. Here is a look at my mission board.

I have kept this super simple as I want to keep the focus on the stuff that needs doing rather than decorating. What’s on your mission board this month? I have a lot of wedding tasks to do but I’m on track. I also want to share the upcoming week as well so here is a look at that.

A bit more decorated but still functional. Here is another close-up.

I’m looking forward to having another productive week and I shall check in next Monday to let you know how it has gone. I have a list of the stickers I have used in case you want to get your hands on some.


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