Welcome to The Last Tea Shop

Hello, tea aficionados and storytelling enthusiasts! I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but have never really got to the point where I was happy with it. However, today, I’m excited to tell you the project: a series dedicated to “The Last Tea Shop,” a heart-warming game set in a small tea shop on the edge of life and death where tea isn’t just a drink; it’s a way of resolving unfinished business.

🖊️ Why This Series?

I have always loved creative writing and the narrative potential of this game, it’s inspired me to create this series that extends the game’s universe. Through each post, we’ll explore the lives of the characters, the secrets of the teas, and the untold stories of the Somewhere. 

🛠️ Tools of the Trade

To bring this series to life, I’ll be using a blend of digital storytelling techniques and my own twisted little brain. I’ll be crafting narratives that deepen the game’s world through ChatGPT and my own flair (because you need to check that stuff

To bring it all to life, I’ll be using Midjourney to visualise our stories, characters and everything that happens in the shop. Lastly, I’ll be using good old pen and paper: I’ll be planning most interaction out in my notebook. From where the shop is to who is coming in, what tea they are drinking and the weather they have arrived in.

DnD dice on scraps of paper and maps – created in Midjourney

🎮 Why “The Last Tea Shop”?

This game, found on Itch.io a while back, wanting a solo RPG to do while travelling. It has absolutely captivated me with its serene vibes, ability to create simple or intricate stories, and the enchanting world of its tea shop. It’s a game that promises more than just gameplay; it’s an experience, a journey into a world where every cup of tea tells a story. And every new soul gets to have some reflection on their life. 

📚 What to Expect?

Prepare for a blend of fiction, art, and wonder. Each post will be a post in the series of customers and of life in and around “The Last Tea Shop.” From character deep dives to speculative tea recipes, we’re about to embark on a storytelling adventure like no other.

This project is really something that I want to use as a hobby for my creative writing, but also using the AI tools that are out there. There are so many tools out there changing every day and I just want to make sure I’m staying on top of what is out there.

It’s also a great hobby to have when travelling, as well as it doesn’t really take up a lot of space. Let’s embark on this adventure together. Follow along, share your thoughts, and let the stories of “The Last Tea Shop” bring a little warmth to your soul. Here’s to many shared cups of tea and stories that warm the heart. 🍵❤️


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