Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

I have had a bit of a hit and miss with my bullet journal in the past so I decided to strip it back and start simple. I don’t know about you but I always feel super intimidated by all those arty journals out there.

I know I don’t have to make mine super arty but they are just so pretty to look at! So, I wanted to share with you how I have set up my journal it’s pretty don’t get me wrong but also functional as well and with me getting an Erin Condren this year I will be using it alongside that to manage my week.

I’m going to show you how I set it up this past week and this week so that you can see how it evolves over the coming month. Also, I’ll be reviewing the Scribbles That Matter Journal** as well because a new journal is the fastest way to become a bullet journalist?? Well that, and I’m obsessed with journals.

I’m using the Scribbles That Matter Journal you can find it here on Amazon. These journals seem to have come out of no-where and have quickly been adopted by only a few bullet journalist. I can see these becoming super popular as they have some great features let me show you.

When you open the journal you get this title page and I love that it has a date started. You might notice that there is a included pen loop which is great because a lot of journals don’t and you have to buy a loop extra unlike with other brands, this is a welcome difference.

In the first few pages of the journal, there is a dedicated key and colour key and index pages so you don’t have to draw the out. Which is handy for people that don’t want to spend time setting up their journals.

All the pages are numbered as well so it makes it much easier to index your pages. I must say that this journal only has 185 pages but they have increased the page count to 201 I think I must go double check. The nice thing, however, is they haven’t changed the price of the journal even with the page increase.

This is my first week in the journal, I wanted to go for a simple layout but ended up sticking a load of stickers on there because you know stickers! But I really like how it turned out and I do like looking this now it is filled in.

This is my current week so it’s empty but I did change this up a bit and added fewer stickers and a bit more highlighter. I LOVE this spread I am so happy with how it turned out and it’s filling up nicely, though I may be dumping that weekly tracker for a month one in June, we’ll see.

As you head towards the end of the journal there is a dedicated pen test page which is plain, this is great because you aren’t having to sacrifice pages at the end of your journal and the plain paper makes it much easier to see if there is any ghosting or bleeding, which I am happy to report there is hardly any ghosting and very little bleeding! It’s the best paper I have come across in a journal.

And at the very back, you have a pocket to put stickers or spare note’s or cards into. This is always a great addition to any journal. So what do you think? Will you be getting one?

I personally LOVE this journal the paper is so soft and fantastic to write on and takes inks really well. I would really recommend this journal. Having tried the very popular Leuchtrumm I must say I much prefer this one! I can’t wait to show you June’s set-up, I’m really happy with how it has turned out.

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**I was not financially compensated for this post. I paid for these items for personal use and for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.