Inkwell Press Week 9

Inkwell Press Week 9

I don’t know about you but this past week has just flown past! But again having found my groove in my Inkwell Press I am feeling much more in control of my life in general. The blog is getting daily care, the house is tidy at the end of each day and my work is all up to date and I’m finding extra hours in the day. Here is a look at last week.

I did find the extra stickers to be a bit distracting so this week I have stripped it back and going to add in decorative stickers in the day after. Here is a look at this week.

A lot less decorative but still super functional and I have changed the sides a little to see how they go this week but I may change them back. I have also this month introduced a Leuchtturm Notebook to use as a Bullet Journal. Here is a look at how I have set up this week for my daily to-do work tasks.

I have used the Bullet Journal System in a variety of planners but I always find that I am more productive if I use a separate notebook for it. I’m looking forward to seeing how this week works out.

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