Project Home Office: Sexy Plugs

Project Home Office: Sexy Plugs

Okay so I have shown you the ugly holes in the walls were the sockets are going to be going. You remember this post. It feels like forever ago when that was how the room looked and I’m glad that I’m taking photos as I go because it mean that I have something to look bad on and remember how the room looked before the disaster of the house occurred hopefully followed by a tidier room! Now you might be wondering if this office installations has got to me because of the title of this post. But stick with me, our plasterer Patrick (who by the way is amazing and has taken fab care of us) knows that me and Jono are tech geeks and we love our technology, (Yes I know I keep a paper planner) and as soon as we said that we were wanting to get some extra sockets he immediately suggested ones with built in usb ports!  BUILT. IN. USB. PORTS!! Could this be any more perfect look at them!

Main Wall Socket

OMG I could not be happier with this suggestion, no more having to try and find a usb plug. I mean come on, I now want these through out the house! Just look at them!

Oh sexy

They are amazing! So one of two thoughts may have gone through your head. Either “Sam, they are just plugs what the fudge!” or “OMG I need them too!” Both are fine and I totally get both, but I am super happy with these. Now these will be above the desk line and then underneath hidden in the void behind the desk foot well is just plain old plugs.

Hidden socket

Not fancy but these guys will have the computer plugged into them so they don’t really need to have the usb part on them. The office has been delivered and is currently sat in piles of wood around the room. I wish you could feel the wood it’s so smooth; and the installation date is Monday the 27th. It’s going to take two days for them to fit it so as of Wednesday next week I will have an office! Yey! But it won’t be finished as we need to have the carpet relaid so hopefully we can get someone in next week to do that and then next weekend I can start moving into the room and get my craft space back! So excited! Then work will start in the back bed room.