My minimalism journey – I stalled

On November 8th I did day 25 and I stalled!

Let’s see what happened around that time! 

You see that notification at the bottom of the 9th. It’s was when we went out for Jono’s birthday. Now, I am going to admit that I drank a lot, much more then I normally would when we go out for a meal. But this was his birthday and I am not blaming him for my failure but I know how I stalled. 

The following week I was on my own and did not feel like tackling any problem areas at all. Also FYI the dining table is back up and I have tried and succeeded, to my surprise, to keep it clear, this has always been a hot spot dumping ground for me. 

I stopped reading my book. I stopped being productive and I had stopped feeling accountable. I just didn’t want to tackle the Day 26!

26 items! How mad is that to get rid of 26! I knew where I could rustle up 26 items but I was getting to the point where I was starting to feel a bit hopeless with the Mins Game and I didn’t like where that was taking me. 

Also my donate pile in the hallway was getting very large. I don’t drive and it’s a lot to take on my bike and too much for me to carry. So I roped a parent into driving me, or should I say Jon, down to the local donate centre. 

One other thing that really kicked me in the butt was that I watched a show on Netflix called Consumed. Watch if you haven’t already. It’s a show about families that are consumed by their belongings and Jill comes in and highlights the problem areas.

Makes them pack up all their stuff, live with the bare essentials for two weeks and then challenges them to get rid of 75% of their stuff. Extreme I know but it made me feel so much better about my house and made me question why I hadn’t finished the Mins Game.

Because I know I can get this game finished and I want to get to day 30 by Dec 1st. So, a few days left. 

I must say that I have spent less and when I have I have really questioned what it’s purpose was and would it add value. I also having been to a Xmas fair turned down buying a few hats and gloves and scarves. I have enough and I just donated a load! 

Also while having done this through the month of October and November I have stayed on top of our budget closed all my Halifax accounts paid off a credit card and reduced the amount owed on another.

I am really happy with how this is going and really want to carry this on into the new year. I have rejoined Weight Watchers and I have a plan for after the fattest part of the year to get on my bike more and get to the pool more. 

I hope that you will continue to follow on my journey to a simple more meaningful life. 

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Love people and use things. Because the opposite never works!