5 Ways to Stay Motivated

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

We all have those days that we just don’t give a crap and we wish that we could stay in bed and hide between the sheets. Yes, I have those days and I try to have only a few days.

Today though I want to share with you a couple of things that help me stay motivated and help me get through any day. Now, these may or may not work for you but I wanted to share them with you.

Start each day with meditation

This is something that I have managed to keep up for a while now. I use an app called Calm and I actually bought the premium version of this at the beginning of the year and love this app.

So at the start of my day, I don’t look at my phone the first thing! What I do is have a shower, then feed Patch these get me ready for the day and then I meditate.

I sit for 10 mins and do what Calm calls a body scan. Where I sit and check in with how my body is feeling and where the aches and pain are and just notice how my body is feeling.

Because at the end of the day that’s what meditation, for me at least is. I don’t sit and think about things or the work I need to do that day. I just check in with me. After this, I then do my morning pages.

Take a few minutes to plan your day

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on so while I have my coffee on a morning I look through my bullet journal and Trello picking out tasks for that day.

I try to have at least one big task, two medium tasks, and three small tasks. Even if I am making a small step forwards then I call that progress. I tend to follow the Getting Things Done method and this has been a big part of my planning journey.

Stop for lunch, no really stop!

I know that being a digital native there is this perception that I am always on my phone and this is really not the case. When it gets to lunch time my phone gets put on its little charging dock and then I go eat lunch.

I spend an hour having my lunch and this could be either listen to a podcast, maybe I go out in the garden and plod out there. I get away from any screen and spend some time with Jono.

Reduce clutter as best you can

If you have been around a while you will know my love of getting rid of shit. In October of last year, I hit the minimalism lifestyle hard. Now I am not saying that I am perfect at this but I have got rid of a lot and having a clear out and getting rid of the things that I was holding onto them just in case.

I now daily make sure that my desk is clear and that I can see the wood before I leave my office for the day. Having a clear desk means that I have a clear focus on my work instead of getting distracted by that pile of paper in the corner of my eye.

Group tasks

The best thing that I can do every day is group all the tasks that are similar or connected in one chunk of time. This makes it so much easier to focus on one thing and make sure that it is DONE!

I have learned that I do not multi-task well and I know the myth that women can multi-task better than men. However, I know that I have magpie brain function and if something shiny comes along I will go down that rabbit hole. When it comes to work I need to focus on one thing and not multiple otherwise thing suffer.

I hope that some of these help you and that you get something out of this. let me know in the comments what helps keep you motivated.