2017 here I come!

2017 here I come!

So, it’s that time of year again where we all sit and think to ourselves “what do I want to accomplish this year?”. To be honest I have been thinking about this for the past month or so. I have a few major events on this year;

  • Gin festival in Feb
  • Planner Con in April
  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon Cruise – More on that later
  • Ayreon!

These are the big 5 I have other little events going on but these are the big things that I am super looking forward to. So, with these in mind, I have started to think about the goals that I wanted to have in place for 2017. I split my life into a few categories;

  • personal
  • work
  • blog
  • friends

Now they aren’t in importance order they are just the categories that I wanted to focus on. So what I did was think what I wanted to achieve and then broke that down into smaller actionable task and then further, if it needed it. I wanted to share with you guys what I’m going to be working on this year and what steps I am going to take to try and keep on track. Because you know summat is going to get lost throughout the year.


Wedding and weight, these are my big two for me personally this year. Last year I did great on losing weight, If you haven’t already read my blog post about it then do have a look here. But I know I can do better and get to my goal weight this year, 14 stone is on my horizon! The wedding is obviously a big one as well, I don’t have that much more to plan in regards to this but it is now down to maintenance and getting everyone’s food sorted. Not long now!


I want to get more consistent and increase the variety of posts that I have on here. Let’s have a chat about why I plan but also the fact that we got a popcorn machine and what my fave popcorn snack is!  I want to have the normal monthly post that you have gotten used to, Cat hampurr and Spotlight Stationery, but just a bit more variety!

I also want to get up and running! I love York and the history that is there and I think that me being able to show the hidden areas of York would make people love it even more if they knew some more of the history that it holds.


I suck! I know. However, I am an introvert and that’s not an excuse, I should be able to build up enough energy to spend at least 1 night out with friends a month. Is that so much to ask! I am going to work on that!

And then I also have some work ones but I’m not going to share them here because you know, work – ugh – but running has it high and low point and 2017 is going to be a hard graft year.

So what are you planning on achieving this year are you going to kick its butt, or let it kick yours.

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