Planner Meet Nerves?

Planner Meet Nerves?

This is something that comes up every now and then in the planner groups. And I have been there myself! It can be one of the most exciting and terrifying things in the world but once you have done one, you want to go to more.

There is nothing like going and talking to people, actual physical I can touch your boob people, to talk to about planners and stationery and what happened last week in the group.

I know that it may seem scary and you may have muttered to your self on more then one occasion “what have I done!?” but I am here to tell you that it gets better and easier and more fun with each meet up! Let me tell you about my first time. Get your head out of the gutter my first meet up! 

In 2016 when the first Big Meet happened, I missed out on getting a ticket, I don’t know how, but I did. So, like many others, I put my name down on the resale list not really thinking that I would get lucky enough to be picked by the random number generator gods. But I was!

I had the elation of “YASSSS I got a ticket” instantly followed by “Oh shit!” because the nerves of going to a meet, to actually see people that you talk to every day on the internet was terrifying.

Will they like me? Am I a nutter? Will we have anything in common?

I’m sure that these are the type of questions that will be zooming through your head right about now. I know because I was the same, but guess what?

They already like you, yes you are a nutter and you have lots in common!

I was excited and terrified all in one! I hadn’t been that vocal in the group at this time and I hadn’t really made any friends. But there were names that I recognised that were going, Mrs Brim, Steph, Joey, Dani, Daisy. But who was I to them! These planner goddesses!

Well, surprising enough I was not the only that had these feeling and everyone was nervous. It was the biggest thing to happen to the UK Planner Community and though there had been smaller meet up’s here and there. There had been nothing on this scale.

In it’s second year the Big Meet has got bigger and better and my nerves have got less and less. I was ready! I knew people now, I was talking more and more and helping others that were not sure what to do and where to go. I think that until you jump in the deep end and hang around your tribe you will always feel a bit like an outsider. It’s natural.

We are all mostly introverts with a few exceptions to the rule and we all hang out in the UKPA group. Everyone is willing to say hi and make sure that you are safe and happy and finding everything that they need.

When we let the fear and anxiety take over we forget a few things that brought us all together and it’s something that you need to remind yourself about. 

We all love planners!

We would not be going to this amazing event if we didn’t love planners and stationery. Plus this year face paints! I bet that in the first five minutes of queuing to get through those doors you will have already clocked a few people and have started the eternal debate of rings over strings. Remember the reason that we have all gathered for our “Stationery Conference” *wink wink* It is to celebrate the love and encouragement that we get every day through UKPA!

We are all in the same boat!

Even after a handful of meets I still get nervous. I still worry that I am going to say something daft or that my planner isn’t pretty enough. Let me tell you a sercert…. we are all thinking that.

We are all in the same situation, there is no blame, no hate, no accusations. Only an overwhelming sense of OMFG you have a Foxy, gimmie! or *tap tap* Joey can I take a selfie with you. FYI if you clock me I will hug you, I’m a hugger. 

And if you do feel that it is too much, last year there was a chill out quiet zone. Which was awesome because we have all had that moment were we start to feel its a bit too peopely in here! 

We are all in it together!

This crazy community has gone from strength to strength and the love and support that you see in the group is exactly the same at a meet-up.  Not got a sticker to mark something, I got you covered here look at my sticker folder. Need some more water? I’m heading that way give me your bottle. Has Debbie ordered enough Oli-clips, well we can hope! 

And at the end of the day no matter how weird we think we are we will most likely end up talking about boobs. And Georgina will have whipped out her naughty stickers! 

I know that at the moment you will be worried and that things will feel that they are out of control but we are planners and even the greatest plans don’t always go to plan. But you can guarantee that there will be someone in boob grabbing distance that will be willing to help you pack up your stuff, clean a table or just ferry people to the meal afterwards. 

We are an amazing community of amazing people and now you get to hug them and feel up their planners. 

Since that first meet-up I have been to a few others here and there and each and every one of them has been amazing! There really is nothing like being able to talk to someone in person about planners! 

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Which meet-up will I see you at next? Stay Happy!