Here on the blog, I’m currently leveraging the latest advancements in technology to help jump start content and create visuals. This will mostly be around the blog series The Last Tea Shop.

How AI is Used

  • Content Creation: AI assists me by suggesting ideas, providing initial drafts, or enhancing the readability and SEO effectiveness of my copy. This AI-driven process allows me to produce content efficiently, without feeling too bogged down in the writing process.
  • Image Production: I also use AI to generate original images, edit photos, or create visual content that complements our articles, stories, and digital materials. These AI-generated visuals are crafted to align with my content’s themes and enhance your experience.

Our Commitment to Ethical AI Use

  • Transparency: I strongly believe in being transparent about my use of AI technologies. When content or images have been produced with AI assistance, I will provide a disclosure, ensuring that you are informed about the methods behind our creation process.
  • Quality and Integrity: While AI assists in the creative process, I will be overseeing all AI-generated content and images to ensure that they feel human and have my creative flair.
  • Respect for Intellectual Property: I am committed to respecting intellectual property rights and ensuring all AI-generated images are unique and do not infringe upon existing copyrights.
  • Privacy and Data Protection: In utilising AI technologies, I will adhere strictly to privacy laws and guidelines, ensuring that any data used to inform content creation is securely protected and used responsibly.


The use of AI is driven by a desire to enhance the creativity and quality of my content, while maintaining ethical standards and transparency with you, my audience. I welcome feedback and engage in continuous dialogue to improve practices and ensure our use of AI aligns with my values and expectations.

For any questions or concerns about our use of AI, please do get in touch.