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How is everyone? I have finally reclaimed some brain space! If you have been following me for a while you’ll know that I have planned my wedding day over the past two years and on July 22nd the day went off without a hitch! It was so relaxed and so much fun filled with laughter, tears and heckles, yes Jono got heckled. A lot of things got put-off and pushed to one side during June and July, like the garden, the house, and this blog. I was focused on putting together the finishing touches of the day. I’m glad that I did, it could not have gone better! We enjoyed the day, we took time out for ourselves and each of our family and our friends, it could not have gone better!

So, what do we have planned for August? Well, our honey moon for one 10 days on a cruise ship sailing around the Old World, I am very much looking forward to this and I can’t wait to share the photos afterward with you guys! But I also have a bit of a planner shake up this month as well. I’ll be in just two planners as opposed to the three I was in prior to the wedding. So which planners?

My Erin Condren is going to be put to use as my blog planner, but first, it needs a cover change I think. I love the cat cover but it’s a new month and I feel the need for change! I have set up my notes and month pages to reflect what I want to get done this month.

So I have my notes set up with my social media numbers along the top and blog posts that I’ll be doing in the month and then which shops I’ll be doing as my Sunday Spotlight. I then have my monthly set up with the posts that I would like to get done in the month written in the days I’d like them to go live.

I then go into my months that I am keeping very simply as I want to focus on the blog and the tasks that I need to do each day.

The top box I am going to use for things that are happening that day like posts going live and social updates that I need to do, the next box will be to-do things that need to be done to next weeks blog posts, and the bottom box will be for misc bits that I need to take note of ie orders dispatched arrived or indeed ordered! My trusty Timelord (tn) will be staying as my EDC.

I’m still in my personal size Bevdori in navy. I love this notebook the leather is a top grain so it is thick and will soften with time I love it. I have 7 inserts in it and they are all from Organise with Katie on Etsy.

I have over the past month used the week on one-page insert which I found didn’t give me enough space. I also tried the day on one page which I found gave me too much space. I think that I am having a Goldilocks moment. So this month I am giving the week on 4 pages a go. Stick around to see how I get on with that!


I’m going to use an extra notebook for daily brain dumps basically so that I don’t have to keep trying to find a notebook to do it in! Cross your fingers for me and I hope this works. I have also added to my TN two new inserts from Organise with Katie, did someone say Christmas?

Yup, I’m starting super early this year! I will have a handle on what I have bought for who and who has bought me things. I have yet to have a sit-down and look through these but what I saw as I was putting them together it looks amazing, I’m super happy to get these set up!

What is your setup looking like this month? That’s all from me today! If you like what you have seen here make sure you hit that follow button on the left to get notifications whenever I post bloggity stuff. And you can follow me on Instagram @samplanslife.



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