Stick with the Joneses

Today I’m sharing a little haul that I got from Stick With The Joneses. I met Holly at the Cambs Planner con and got a few of her stickers to use in my planner and got chatting with her about the wedding. She is super nice! When I got home after Planner con I ordered a few extra bits and that’s what I’m sharing with you today. Also if you stick around to the end, there is a discount code for you.

I got quite a few icons from her shop to use in my planner. My style is leaning more and more towards white space so these icons are perfect for that. The front ones are the Mini TV, because you know Lucifer and House of Cards are back and I’m also watching season 6 of Game Of Thrones (Yes I’m behind). The other set there is the Mini Clean Bathroom, I suck at this, I mean it gets done but it would be less of a chore if I did a bit every day. Moving on….

So, going front to back, first is Laundry away, Hoover Time, Dusting, Iron all the clothes. A few of these are no longer available in the shop. I’m glad I got these, the colours are great the cut is fab and the paper is lush to stroke! Come on admit it you sit and stroke stickers as well! I always keep cleaning stickers stocked because if it’s in my planner it gotta happen right!? #committothesticker

You can never have too many weather stickers and I go through half boxes like they are going out of fashion and I just HAD to get the wedding countdown stickers even though I’m down to weeks not months now. So close yet so far and still a few things to finalise! But I get to pick my dress up at the end of this month!

I got the working hours stickers to make sure that I was logging at least 6 hours a day working on Days Of The Year, I also got the working from home, even though I do anyway I want to start going to my friends when she is in York to work at her house and it gets me out of my house for a bit. Next are vacation countdown because you know honeymoon and what not! And the last ones here are hanging out laundry, we are getting a few nice days now and I want to start getting stuff out no the line.

I love all of these and I can’t wait to start using these in my planner! If you follow me on Instagram, (If you don’t click here) you will have seen that I have got a Erin Condren Hardbound for the next 18 monthsI also have my bullet journal that I’m going to use the smaller icons for.

Well, congrats to getting to the end here! Here is the discount code I promised!

I was lucky enough to make it onto Holly’s PR team, I got this order before she even started advertising it, but you lucky lot get first access to it! Why not treat yourself to a few stickers.

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