Passion Planner Pro Review

Passion Planner Pro Review

I had a passion planner a few years back. And loved using it because it helped me keep track of the big picture with the monthly check-ins. Then I didn’t get it for a couple of years but took the dive again this year. I am blaming this mostly on The way that she was using hers just sparked a pang of missing seeing my week laid out.

My problem is that I am a bullet journalist at heart with ideas of being a pre-printed planner person. I have tried and failed a lot at this. So, I am rethinking my approach and taking some inspiration from Cindy.

Shall we get into this planner as you will be seeing it a lot in my month reviews.


I know that a lot of people may be put off by the cover. As it is a soft cover rather than a hardcover. I really like the texture to it and it gives the whole book a more flexible feel to it.

They have a variety of cover each supporting a different charity. Which I think is great. Passion Planner supports so many different causes and give so much out into the world.


As with all planners, you get the name plate. This is pretty standard and almost never gets filled in by me. I only really travel with my bullet journal.

The first few pages explain the planner. How it wants to help you achieve your goals and get to a point where you are smashing them.

This planner really sets you up to succeed and get the most out of your planner. Also how best to work at your goals while reflecting on your progress.

One of the biggest things that make the Passion Planner stand out is the Road Map. Along with the information that it gives you in order to fill it out. It is there to help you set up your objectives for the year.

Taking the time to fill out this section of the planner will make all the difference in your year ahead. However you need to ensure that you are looking back on it and working no what you have set out.

Monthly layout

One of the best things in my opinion about the Passion Planner is that you can pick either a Sunday or a Monday start to your planner. This is something that a lot of planners don’t give you the option of.

Weekly layout

Now depending on which if the two day starts that you pick your week will also start on that same day. Which is something that I love, having my month and my week starting on a Monday was a big win for me.

Also at the end of each month you have the ability to sit and reflect on your previous month. I take this time to go and check in on my yearly goals and make sure that I am factoring them into my monthly plans.

After the planner

At the end of the planner there is plenty of note pages in the back and there are either plain or dot grid paper for you to choose from to take your notes in the back.

At the very back of the planner there is a pocket for you to use and then is made out of paper backed fabric. It is a large pocket so you can fit a lot into it and carry around any notes that you may need.

I really like this planner it is great for planning out your weeks and time blocking off chunks of your day. but also give you the ability to just have a long to-do list as well if you want.

If you are thinking of getting one you can get 10% of any full price item in store using this link. Also the academic planners are out that run from August to July if you wanted to get your hands on one for the next 12 months.