March Bullet Journal Set-up

March Bullet Journal Set-up

This is my third month in my bullet journal – Go me!

I have kept it fairly simply this month and used also used layouts that are super simple and not overly fancy. I am really loving my bullet journal. My new bujo cover from R-Kive Journals is one of my fave things!

So shall we get into this journal? As always if you re-create any of this spreads please do tag me. You might find yourself featured in my April set-up post.

Planting Plan

I am a avid gardener! Whenever the sun is shining you will find me out in the garden doing something. My big project for this summer is to get the bottom end of the garden ready for some vegtables plots.

There is going to be root veg and salads growing, which is helping me with one of my year goals. In the other plot I will be growing tomatos and runner beans, I really did love having runners beans in the garden last summer. To be able to go and harvest and have them for tea that evening was great!

Habit Tracking

I am a big fan of habit tracking however I suck at filling them in. However, I have been getting headaches and its to be relate to my coffee intake and appetite. So, I have set-up a tracker for the next few months to see if I can find a pattern.

Social and Blog Plan

One of the things that I want to get ahead on is content for the Blog. Aswell as when I am sharing and what. So I have set up the next quarters worth of tracking for me to see how I am doing.

As much as I love the Erin Condren Planner as a social media planner. I haven’t found my self reaching for it to actually plan out my tasks. I think this is because I have all my tasks in my bujo. So let’s see if this helps me get on track and ahead in my blog posts.

I am hoping that this along side my Trello board will keep me on track. You also get a sneaky peek at the post potentially coming up this month.

Spending and Brain Dump

This is something that I very much suck at and need to get back under control. So, I am hoping that having a spread in my bujo will help me get back on track. I also need to set up a saving pot on my Monzo for Planner Con in May.

Having a brain dump for the different areas in my life should help me with missing things off my lists daily. I tend to do these weekly so I can imagine that this is going to fill up quickly.

Goals and Review

The four goals that I set at the beginning of this year seem to have taken a bit of a backseat. So, having them at the front of my month might help me keep them in my mind.

It, I hope, will also help me progress some of the projects that I have on this year. I have lots of traveling this year and one big project is to get a new bathroom! So I need to really focus on that.

Having the review page there also allows me to return to this spread on a weekly basis. Allowing me to list the things that have gone well this month. Fingers crossed this keeps me on track.

First week of the month

I wanted to keep things simple this month and really focus on the things that I need to do each day. Rather then making this overly complicated. I have everything that I need on one spread.

One thing I have not taken into consideration with this spread. If my list is too long how is it going to fit in this space. But, I am going to see how I get on with this.

I hope that you have gotten some inspiration from this. And don’t forget if you recreate any of these spreads tag me on Instagram. You could be featured in next months set-up post.

Have you got your bujo set-up yet or are you waiting until the weekend? What do you think of these spreads, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m crazy about gardening too! Although I don’t grow edibles. I’ve got an insert in my standard Tn to keep me on track of planting, purchases, wish list, jobs for different seasons, even my shed supplies!
    Love the simplicity of this as I’m not artistic so function wins hands down!

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