Bird & Blend March Tea Club

Bird & Blend March Tea Club

This past Christmas Jono found it quite hard to buy me a present because of the whole shift in thought process of embracing minimalism in the house and our lives.

He told me as much but he found a 12 month subscription to the Bird and Blend Tea Club! Which I love as a present. I am a heavy tea drinker so this is the perfect present for me and I get to try three different flavours a month!

Every month I get 3 new tea blends sent straight through my letterbox. It is such a great present and I think I will be signing up for next year as well!

I have already opened them all and had a sniff of each and they are all amazing! As you can see they are all loose leaf so you will need to get a strainer of a tea pot that has one built in.

I have been getting loose leaf teas from Hebden Tea Company so we already have all the kit on hand. Well let’s see what I got in this months box.

Breakfast’s ready, honey

This is the new caffeine-free breakfast blend has been designed by Krisi, specifically for all those who love a great classic breakfast tea but want to avoid caffeine! I have yet to try this one but they advise that you have a bit of honey and milk. Which I can’t wait to try this!

Pink Grapefruit

This blend has both tart, tangy grapefruit and green tea and it has an amazing pink colour to it! What is even more amazing about this tea is that one of the recommendations is to do it as a cold brew! I really can see this being an amazing summer cold brew with a sprig of mint and slice of pink grapefruit!

Banoffee Rum-Ba!

OMG, this one is delicious! I have never really been a fan of Rooibos tea, the taste is just now my cup of tea (sorry) so I was a little hesitant about this one but, super nice!

Banoffee pie is one of our absolute favourite sweet treats & this brew pays it homage with hints of creamy banana, sweet cream & a kick of rum to finish it off!

Krisi’s (chief mixologist) 

I really hope that you have had a look at this months tea club and that you give the website a check out and maybe give them a go. There is a 3 month and a 6 month as well.

This has to be my fave Christmas present and I can not wait to see what the teas are like in the summer and if they are more cold brews! Do go check them out!