3 tips to make your planner work for you

3 tips to make your planner work for you

There are so many different ways to plan. I have tried a lot over the year’s and there are tactics that have helped me keep everything in line and everything on track. Today I’m going to share three of my fave tips that keep me going.

Have a master to-do list

I do a sweep of my tasks from the previous week and see what tasks that have not been done and add them to this weeks master to-do list. I then look at my Trello board and see if I have anything on my critical path. I’ll go into more detail about Trello in another post. Once those have both been done I then write down any new tasks that might be floating around in my head. This is now my task list for the week, it keeps me accountable.

Daily top three

Each night I plan for the following day and what I do during this planning is pick three tasks that MUST be done that day. I try to have these top three cover different aspects of my life usually, work, blog, house. This gives some focus to each of my days and means that I keep everything on track. One other trick you could you do is add an “am” or “pm” next to each task this can be really helpful if you are wanting to work on certain things throughout the day.


This is a hard one for me as I like to know what is going on, but it needs to be done in order to keep some brain space for you to focus on something else that needs your attention. Tasks that are out of your comfort zone or you know someone who has the knowledge to do the task that is needed. If you are not used to this then start small and go from there.

I hope that this has helped. That’s all from me today! If you like what you have seen here make sure you hit that follow button on the left to get notifications whenever I post bloggity stuff. And you can follow me on Instagram @samaldersonplans.