StudioAdorkable Haul

StudioAdorkable Haul

Well, that was a bit of a break I didn’t intend on doing! I have SO much on at the more that I need my planner now more than ever! But I am back and I have a haul to share with you today that I got from Studio Adorkable. This shop is run by Lacey Simpson (awesome surname ;)) and she is the designer of this really creative sticker designs, I love her style. I may have bought all the Bits in this order, so hold on tight and grab a cuppa there are a lot of photos to come, but you already knew that. 😉

For each of the photo’s I’ll list (where I can) what is in the photo so that you can go straight to the sticker page if you want to get your hands on them. Vacuuming BitsLaundry Bits, and Computer Bits.

Bleh Bits, Caffeine Bits, and Facepalm Bits.

Take My Money! Bits, Trash Bits, and Busy Bits.

Payday Bits, Working Bits, and Goofball Bits.

I couldn’t find these in the shop but ain’t they cute! Love the Alice ones!

Can’t go wrong with some Christmas stickers these are going into storage for this year. 😀

Love those owls and the cactus are just adorable!

These meme stickers were the main reason for my order I just love them!

Hands up who love’s Firefly? Just me…. I was SO excited when I saw that this was in the grab bag, you have no idea how much I squeed at this.

There are 6 sheets in the kit and I love it!  But come on look at that little Serenity sticker.

And the little dinosaurs that Wash is playing with in the opening episode. LOVE this kit! I am so happy with this order and the print and quality of the stickers are amazing! They are gloss which I had forgotten about when I order (doh) but it doesn’t bother me. I would highly recommend getting your hands on some of these, however, a word of warning I did get stung by customs for this so bear that in mind.

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