Proper Post May

You will have seen in previous months me showing off my Proper Post package. I love this as it gives you chance to get some cards on time for important events and even reminds you of when people’s birthdays are which is great for people like me that have the worst memory when it comes to birthdays.

One of the best things about this is that it fits through your letter box so no nasty red cards here. Each month has a theme, so you have some cards and a few stationery items as well.

I love the cards that were included in Mays box. I also got some father’s day cards in this months selections.

And how cute are those paperclips! Proper Post is a monthly delivery of 5 carefully curated items including greeting cards and stationery PLUS 2 cards of your choice from our exclusive range. Choose just the right card, for just the right occasion or person. You can find out more and subscribe here!

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