Plan with me – week 31

Another week is over and I’m attempting to do these weekly blog post again, I have high hopes for this time around as I am very near planner peace with my current set-up. I know, that fabled planner peace trust me if I’m still in this setup in a couple of weeks time I will be sharing with you. At the moment I am in an Erin Condren life planner and this sits on my desk and I use a travelers notebook with Organise with Katie inserts as my every day carry, this moves around the house with me.

So let’s get into the planners, shall we?

I have been using my EC as my blog planner and this has been working really well for me. The top section is posts and social media that is going on today. The middle section is my to-do’s for the blog, not every day has tasks as I don’t work on the blog every day and the bottom section is other things that are going on that week that might affect the blog.

I have been loving my TN lately if you read my This Month post you’ll know that I struggled with my insert during July as I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted, however, this week on 4 pages is really working for me. I have sectioned it up and it is working so well for me!

So each section almost mimics the EC and I’m thinking after this week I might be able to drop my EC and just use my TN! Who would have thought that I would be in just one planner person, but this is working for me for now so let’s not jinx it! So, to-do’s could be work, home or blog, the today section is for appointments, things that are happening that day! And the little things section is for everything else, meals or social media, anything really.

Let’s have a look at this week.

This week I have gone for another simple week in the EC as this works for me. I would love to be able to do no white space planning but my brain just can’t handle that many stickers and I just start feeling overwhelmed with it. So simple planning for me.

I have jazzed up my tn this week a little bit, I’m using the Strawberry Lime Designs August mystery kit. I am slowly adding in extra stickers but only those that have a purpose. We shall see how this week goes for me.

I love the bright colours of this kit and very summery! I have set it up that same as last week as I don’t want to break it if it is working for me. Which I think is half the battle with planner peace, if your system is working for you and you are getting stuff done then don’t change the whole system tweak small bits that can be easily changed back if they don’t work and change for only a week and use that week as a trial. Well, we shall see how I get on.

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