Plan with me – New Year

Plan with me – New Year

Happy New Year my lovely people! I am kicking this year off on a high note! I have two planners that I am using and I have a how I plan series half-written and a few more waiting in the wings. I’m going to kick 2018’s butt! The two planners I have are my A5 Filofax, which I have been in for 6 weeks now! I think it’s because I have just set it up the way I want it rather than trying to make it all pretty, eg plain Filofax dividers. The other planner I am using is the Passion Planner, I’m thinking that I won’t share it on my blog as it will be mostly work related though that may change as I am using it as a time management planner to see where my time is going and what I am spending it on.

But anyway that’s not what you are here for. I’m not showing last week because, to be honest, I didn’t use my planner, I set it all up and then never used it. So, I am starting afresh with this week and I’m using a kit from Hummingbird Planner.

New Year Mini Kit

I got this kit back in the Black Friday sale with a few other kits. I got the mini kits thinking that I’ll use most of it as I never do when I get the bigger kits but I still have a few left on the sheets so I am hoping that I will use the rest of them throughout the week, well here is hoping.

I have kept the same layout that I have been using as that works for me and I have pulled back on the stickers as toward the end of last year it got a bit much for my brain! I’m going to be showing off my 2018 setup soon along with the inserts that I will be using and where you can get them from so keep an eye out for that.

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Take care of yourselves!