June 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up

June 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up

Hey People! Long time no see! I have been super busy lately and barely kept a planner in place. However, my Bullet Journal has become my new friend again. It’s like I rediscovered my love for it and managed to get my shit together about what I am doing with it. I have a tonne of pages that I won’t be showing today but you be able to see them over on my Instagram.

This month set up is just 8 spreads and each has a purpose for me and I’m kinda excited about how this month is going to go as though I have a lot of travel on, I get to see a lot of friends and I get to meet some new people. Shall we jump in?

Cover Page

I have rarely done this in the past bullet journals that I have had as I don’t really see the point but I thought that this would be a nice separator from the scruff pages that I have done for the month of May, No I won’t be sharing them as they are a lot of trial and error.

Month at a glance

I kinda live by this spread, even though I have the Google calendar I can flick to this spread and see what I have on, though I am thinking I may ditch this in July as I really won’t need this in July.

I have a small section on the side for goals for this month as well for personal and work and these are tasks that need to get done this month regardless.

Habit Tracker

I have yet to actually transfer my habits over, but I really like this layout and it helps me keep on track of the stuff I need to get done each day. Now, a few of these have become autopilot but I still like to make sure that I have checked them off and that I don’t need to be catching up on things.

One Line A Day

This is something that I have tried and failed at before because I had it in a separate journal and I think that’s while I failed. No matter how much I think I can keep up with two planner it just never happens. So, I am hoping that if I keep everything in the one journal I’ll remember to do it.

Memory Keeping

This is again something that I have tried to keep in another journal but it just gets forgotten! I got a canon selphy for my birthday and I have barely used it and I have been doing a lot of traveling. So, my thought here is to have a few pages were I can journal and stick in some photos of my travels over the month and then I have the month journaled!

Weekly View

I am a sucker for a weekly view as I like to see whats going on when, but I then do like a good daily list. This first week in June is going to be a weekly timed and then dailies behind it and I may change up the weekly view each week to see which works for me.

That’s it! The whole set up. I told you it wasn’t a lot. My brain starts to rebel if I have too much in my set up and do love a collection so a few of those will pop up every now and then. I think I might do a flip through at the end of the month. Let me know what you think!

That’s all for me today! What are you doing in your bullet journal or planner this coming month?

Stay inspired. Be happy!


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