Hobonichi Week Two

Hobonichi Week Two

Your know we joke and joke about planner peace, that we won’t find it or if we just had the “right” planner we would achieve it. Cindy from Llama Loves Lettering did a fantastic YouTube video about it. What she said in it very much struck a chord with me, If it is working for your now don’t break it and my Hobonichi is definitely working for me at the moment. There are a few things that I am trying and then abandoning if they don’t work for me or if they feel like too much of a chore. Being in the A5 Cousin with all its space is proving to be an evolution in itself. Let me show you how my week two has changed a bit.

My monthly has changed a little bit as well. I have added a few stickers for tasks that need to be done in that week, I also putting a swimming sticker on there but I think I will keep that in my weeklies rather than the month. I think it will clog it up a bit.

Not much has changed from last week and I’m still not sure what to use this week view for other than appointments. I may use the bottom of each day for daily gratitude and the sidebar as a weekly master to do list. I’m going to try this next week anyway.

The first was my first attempt at doing the dailies in the Hobonichi however, I spent the day at my friends playing games so not a lot happened on this page. I did draw this Assassin’s Creed logo as the movie come out on first. I’m quite chuffed with it. Oh, I also used that front page of the month to write my goals on it, so that I have them on hand.

I don’t know about you but I tend to front load my week, which is something that I need to stop doing really because the end of the week then is super thin. It’s something that I am going to work on. I noted any spends at the bottom of the scheduled day but I didn’t like this because I want to get into the habit of checking my Money Dashboard each Sunday and tag any spends that do throughout the week. You can see on the 3rd I have used some stickers and washi. I’m not keen on the stickers and not really sure I was thinking when I put them leaves down, the Bulbasaur can stay, are you still playing Pokemon Go? I am and loving it still. I really like the washi.

I like how this highlights this appointment and that washi is amazing. I’m going to try and do some more lettering in my days as well.

Bit plain on the 4th and 5th, I did try to track my food and my social posting for the day.

I think I’m going to dump the social bit or change it not sure yet I’ll have a think on it. I am however, dumping the food log sections as I am doing Weight Watchers again this year and I am tracking my food through app and I don’t want to double up on work for myself.

I did have a bit of a hiccup on the weather drawing there. Not sure what pens I used to draw it but I use the mildliners to colour in and it smudged, but oh well.

Super boring days, I was more working from my online to do list on Trello (awesome tool).

Any then this is Sunday, all the blog work gets done on a Sunday and any leftover tasks that needing doing. So I have learned a few things over this week as to what works for me and what doesn’t and I will work on next week to get the daily layout the way that I want it.

I am very much have loved this using the hobo planner this week and I can see myself staying in this for a while. What planner do you currently have peace in?

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