Hobonichi Week One

Hobonichi Week One

The week after Christmas is the first week that you can use the Hobonichi Cousin and I took full advantage of that. I wanted to show you today how I’ve got it set up at the moment and what I have put in the notes pages and how I have used the other pages.

I got a cover from LovedbyGaby it is a lovely cover and had the cover on cover included which I’m not using at the moment I may later in the year but not at the moment. When you open it open it has the same layout of pockets as the official Hobonichi covers. On the inside cover of the planner, I have got two post-its with my morning and evening routine and my key.

My monthlies are super simple with only a few stickers and a bit of info about Jono’s time in London. I have used some Chocho and Mimi stickers and some Martha Stewart Dewdrop stickers from back in the day. I don’t know if you can actually still get these or not.  I have just numbered them for the Fly lady zones.

The weeks are going to take some getting use to but I’m used to vertical weeks. I am using the hours to track time sensitive appointments or when I am planning on doing something, like the dinner times. I am also wanting to have a master to-do list on the side of my weeks that I can feed into my days.

At the top of each day, you have top three things to that day, I’m going to track what Instagram challenges I’m going to play along with. And in the top left corner, I have put another dew drop sticker to show which week I’m for my Fly Lady Routines.

Each week it’ll evolve and I’ll swap bits around and change things that I use, but I’ll update you one any changes and next week I can share my dailies with you and how they evolved. The note pages before the dailies I decided to use as a stats tracker for my blog so I drew this out and at the beginning of each month I will tracker the previous month’s stats.

In the note pages at the back, I wanted to have something that was evergreen, that I wouldn’t regret having put in the planner so I decided to put in my cleaning schedule that I try to stick to each week along with this year’s monthly challenge to declutter the house.

I also wanted to use the other pages in the back as well so the timetable I have used as my social media schedule, this is something that I want to focus on in regards to my blog and social channels.

And the last thing that I have to show you is the graph page. One of my goals this year it to get to my target weight and I decided to use this as a tracker for that, so along the bottom, I have numbered 1 to 52 and then on the sides I have the metric I use for weighing myself. I am looking forward to seeing this fill in.

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