Hello Sweetie Setup

Hello Sweetie Setup

I’m back in a traveler’s notebook! Yup, I have realised that I don’t get on with bound planners and I can’t get comfy in a ringed planner. I have also found that a personal size is too small and A5 is too big, however, large Moleskine cashier size is perfect! Anyone else getting a Goldilocks vibe!?

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I moved into my Websters Pages notebook but once I filled it with everything it was feeling a bit too chunky, so I have moved into Sweetie.

Sweetie was a prototype from Uglybugs Plans to be a Hobonichi cover however she turned out to be too small so I turned here into a TN. I wanted to share how I have been using it for the past week so here are a ton of photos!

Isn’t she beautiful! If you know me you’ll know where the name Sweetie came from. The outside has some serious character and I love it when you get a piece of leather that has wrinkles and scars on it, it’s a nice reminder of where it has come from.

There is one small scar on the front, but like I said that’s all part and parcel of this beautiful cover. Let’s get inside this cover!

I have 4 books in here I’m thinking of putting another one in but I’m not sure yet. Inside the front cover, there are some pockets that are rightly filled with stickers, because you need your on the go stickers. My first book is my monthly.

I am always in two minds about having a monthly in my TN as I tend to do all my future planning on my Google Calendar, so it always feels like I’m duplicating my work, though it is something that I am working on to eventually NOT have a monthly in here and just plan for the week and the day. We shall see how I go with that experiment.

Next is my week on two pages. This gives me a more detailed look at my week, yes I have yet to actually set up this week, seriously suffering from an introvert hangover this weekend! But I will share a look at it on my Instagram when it is set up.

Then we go to my daily pages. I love this insert, oh I should mention they are all from Growing Up Goddess, it’s such a nice layout and similar to the one that I was using in my Leuchtturm 1917. I have also started to kinda scrapbook my day, we shall see how I get on with this, but I have enjoyed it over the last few days.

This is what my weekend looked like. I used a few more stickers in this spread but still really enjoyed the scrapbook feel to it.

This is today, a bit plain but I’ll decorate throughout the day, again follow me over on Instagram to see the finished product or pop back next week.

I had some vellum in my stash so I did a few dashboards just to add a bit of glitz to the cover, I love this gold hexagon sheet.

I also have this one as well. This is a yellow triangle pattern on it, you can kinda see it. And then last but not least is the back pockets.

With yes more stickers! I have a few sheets that I use on a daily basis so those are in here for quick access. Oh did you see that pen loop!?

I only have a Pilot pen in there but I can fit a TWSBI fountain pen as well! Seriously this cover is fast becoming my fave in my collection! So, that is my TN setup for the time being, like I said I’m thinking of adding another book but I’m not sure yet, I’ll let you know when I do.

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