My weight loss journey

My weight loss journey

It started with the throwing away of a cupcake, I know, stay with me. Jono and had been to see his parents and we always take a cake of some sort. This time we took a couple of cupcakes and ended up bringing two home. On the way home we talked about maybe joining Weight Watchers or Sliming World; this is something we had talked about on and off for a while. Jon said “Well let’s do it”, and as we passed a bin on the way home we threw those spare cupcakes away. That was our day one, our start to getting healthy – well healthier than we currently were.

There’s an abundance of blogs out there to help you to “diet” and lose weight and exercise and all that jazz. I know because I may have been on one or two of them myself. There are also a ton of programs to help you as well. I have always struggled with my weight (I LOVE food) but this year I turned 30 in January and weighed in at 17stone 7lbs (fyi I am 5 foot tall) . I was not happy with this, this was the heaviest that I have ever been. I needed to get my butt in gear to shift some pounds. This is where I started.

I joined Weight Watchers and started to fill in details and download the app. I figured out how many points I was allowed each day and what my buffer would be. I started collecting points and figuring out what I could eat within my allowance and how many points different food had. This was super easy and fun! I know geek alert!

When I started I did the online tracking, weighed in each Monday and was really on top of things then. But something slipped and I stopped tracking my food, to this day I am not sure why I stopped, I just did. But I continued to weigh myself each Monday, feeding it into my Fitbit app and keeping my food varied so as not to get bored. After doing WW for about 5 months I knew what was good and what was bad and how much I should eat within a day so I cancelled my WW membership. 

I have continued to do this and eating well, well with the odd binge of a tube of pringles. I then started to notice that I was weighing the same each week with maybe one or two pounds either way difference. Super annoying, I just couldn’t get under that 15 stone mark!

In July you will know that I got my Inkwell Press, this gave me a push to set some challenges, so I challenged myself to use my bike just twice a week. It was more then I HAD been doing, so it had to make a difference surely! And it did! Even if I was only going to the shop I would get my bike out and go the long way round to get a bit of extra exercise in. That was a month ago and I’m still going strong. Okay, minus one day when I didn’t go out, but that week when I had cycled 8 miles in one day, and I was hurting from pushing myself.

As well as the biking I started going swimming with my Mum. I bought myself two swimsuits with legs, I hate my thighs, and for the first time, I didn’t look like a beached whale. I was happy with how I looked. So I went first on Wednesday with my Mum and then again on a Sunday morning with my Mum and Aunts. I got home and had a drink and a nibble of granola and thought I would weigh myself, mostly out of curiosity, and guess what? I’d broken that damn 16 stone mark that I have been hovering at for the past three weeks.


Today I am 15 stone 6lbs. It can be done! I know that I am not the only one that struggles with their weight but I always thought it would take me going to the gym every day running or doing something I didn’t want to, to lose the weight, I did it at my own pace doing and eating things I want to eat.

Oh yeah, Pringles!

Ladies and gents you don’t have to starve yourself or make yourself feel awkward by going to gym to lose the pounds you want to shed, know that you are awesome for trying and sticking with it!

If I can do it so can you!! Kick butt and take no prisoners!!