Quiet Rebellion

Quiet Rebellion

You may be wondering why I am writing abut socks today, but stick with me. I came across these in my search for clothes for Jono. So, he already has a lot of socks and when I do buy him socks they tend to be bright and have a lot of patterns on them, but he has recently started a new job where I thought it might be worth getting him some “grown up” socks. Yes, we are both 30 but we don’t have what I would call “grown up” socks, okay, black, I mean black socks. Socks should not be boring! they should be fun and I thinks this is why I was drawn to Quiet Rebellion.  Thier mission:

The fun and quirky patterns of Quiet Rebellion aim to appeal to the inner rebel inside all of us. A little bit of hidden mischief to make us smile.

Set up in 2014 by Alex and Ini they wanted to avoid the same problem, boring office socks and so Quiet Rebellion was born. I had a look through the site to see what I could get Jono and you know what there is a lot to choose from including subscription boxes. How cool is that!? I settled on the Rubix Socks in honor of Ernő Rubik , an eccentric Hungarian pro fessor, who invented, you guessed it, the Rubik’s cube.


The socks came in a mailer and when you got inside you are met with this manilla brown envelope, tied in twine with a QR seal. Cute, and such great attention to detail.


Getting inside the envelope you have the socks, obvs! and this card telling you about who these socks are dedicated to. The socks feel so soft and so much though has been put into the creation of them You can find out more about the socks here or if you get a pair there is a card that is in the envelope to tell you all about them.


The guys really have put a lot of thought into these and the way they are made. Jono loves them andI’m going to get him a few more in the new year once we ahve been throguh sock mountain in the closet. There are so many varieties on the site that you are spoilt for choice!

I know this is a bit out of the norm from me but I just love the concept!

Have a great day!