March Cat Hampurr

March Cat Hampurr

This is always such a nice surprise each month – Patch gets new toys and nibbles and I get to see him go mental on catnip. I have got the cat hampurr for about a year now and each box really has been fantastic. So much thought goes into each box and they are all sourced from UK companies which is always a plus for me. I always try to take photos before Patch realises what I have but I wasn’t so lucky this month and he decided that it needed to be played with straight away.

Yup I have a nutter for a cat, but I love him and he loves a good play session. The problem is once he has played for about 20 mins and played with the catnip he will have a bit of a crash and nap the afternoon away. Here is what was in this month’s Cat Hampurr.

Flying-frenzyThis is a Flying Frenzy, they have been in the boxes previously and this toy is the one toy that I have to actively remove from him and hide in a box otherwise he would sit and pull the feather out and then it wouldn’t last too long. What I love about it this time round is that there are two heads as it were in the pack which means it will last a little bit longer at least.

oh-what-is-thisSee I’ll be lucky if it lasts the week. The next toy I had to steal back off Patch because as soon as I put it down to take a photos is was in!
mollys-mouse-with-patchSee! It’s a Molly’s Mice and they use the max strength catnip which means Patch will have a crash after playing with it and be quiet for the rest of the day. Yes my cat is a bit of a stoner, no I am not that way. Yes he will get the munchies later.

ApplawsWith Patch distracted with the toys I was able to photograph the food portion of the Cat Hampurr in peace. These have also been in the box before and went down a treat with Patch. He loves tuna anyway so for him to have the Tuna loin is a big treat. He hasn’t had the Applaws mackerel before but I’m hopeful that he’ll enjoy it.

meowing-headsPatch isn’t really a fussy eater, he’ll eat just about anything that you put on his plate or anything that you have on your plate, except that green stuff he doesn’t see the point of salad. The Meowing Heads always go down a treat and he has yet to turn his nose up at one really.

eden-pet-foodThis is new and have not had before Eden Pet Food, it’s a complete dry food so I may try it out at lunch time when Patch has a scoop of biscuits. So we shall see how these go down but again I don’t think Patch will turn his nose up at them.

Well that was this month box. Do you get the box at all or are you thinking about getting the box. Cat Hampurr does have three options for the boxes. Bi-Monthly Box £8/month, Monthly Hampurr £15.90/month or Double Helpings £27.85/month so depending on how often you are wanting it or how many cats you have your pretty much covered!

I’ll leave you with another video of Patch playing with his Molly’s Mice.