London Trip!

London Trip!

This past weekend I have been in London for Friends Christmas. You may have noticed that in my planner, it happens every year and it just gets bigger and better. This year I extended my stay for a couple of days either side to catch up with my friend that I hadn’t seen since the wedding back in July.

Borough Market

Me and Jono hit the markets on Saturday to grab some last minute presents and also grab some other bits and do a bit shopping for our selves. I did manage to find a leather bag that I adore and it is all handmade in Camden Market. We started in Borough Market and I love the market, there is so much there and such variety of things as well.


Once we had had a wander around the market we had a bit more of a explore and we also stopped for a mulled wine in The Winter Forest in Broadgate, it was okay but there wasn’t a lot on however the bar and food were open so we sat and had a drink before moving on. I managed to get a couple of photos of a nice building as we left.

Camden Market

I’m afraid that I didn’t get that many photos of Camden however, we did find the Houllumi Fries stand and shared a portion of them which were divine and I may need to try and do them at home. But we got a lot of cool presents and also some art for us and once we had finished there we headed home via Kings Cross.

There were some awesome lights on around Kings Cross, I managed to get a couple of photos but we had been walking around all day I was ready for home and a sit-down. We had such a good day on Saturday and Friends Christmas was amazing as always and ended in a bit of karaoke which is always fun.

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Take care of yourselves!