Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Spring is in full spring and I am loving the amount of garden time that I am able to get at the moment. I have two small greenhouses full of babies and a plan of attack for the garden vegetable plots!

I know that we are in a very scary time at the moment with what is happening in the world but I can only help but feel thankful that I am getting a bit of extra at home time to spend this in my garden!

For years I have wanted to have a couple of vegetable plots and when we moved into the house 7 years ago that was one of the first things that I wanted to get sorted. However, it got put on the back burner as there were other things in the actual house that needed work.

This past summer though we had the lawn landscaped and a couple of compost bins put in and some fruit trees. This year is going to see the installation of a greenhouse and a couple of vegetable plots. But I am getting ahead of myself I wanted to share with you what I have done so far in the garden and share some plans with you.

I managed to salvage one of the older greenhouses that we had and I got a new greenhouse off Amazon. They are currently in the Conservatory until we get the actual greenhouse up and running.

I can’t wait to get more sorted in the garden. This past weekend I actually got my runner beans and garden peas in the ground and in the places that they are going to grow for this year.

Because this is going to be the first year that I am growing garden peas I have them up against the shed where I can keep a close eye on them and make sure that they grow okay! I haven’t grown these before so this is going to be an interesting challenge.

My runner beans however last year were an amazing success and I can not wait to have them back in the garden this year! I have put them over the archway in our garden so they are a bit more front and center and really easy to pick from!

I have 14 been sprouts in the ground 7 either side of the arch way and they are just going to cover the archway this year! I think it will look really good when they have reached the top and they are just all over the place.

The biggest project for this year is going to be the vegetable plots! I have a plan though. I spent some time this weekend with a pen and paper and a tape measure and plotted everything out.

If it all goes to plan we will have 5 plots and a 6×4 greenhouse! This gives us a LOT of space to grow things alongside the two active spots I already have. Also if we get the raised beds that we are wanting then there is going to be so many options when it comes to growing our own food!

I can’t wait to get this project underway! It’s a bit earlier than expected but with the current situation driving lessons are not going to be possible just yet! But at least I can get the garden to my dream layout!

How are you taking advantage of the extra time that you now have on your hands?

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