Goals for 2019

Goals for 2019

Like so many people the beginning of the year for me means re-evaluating my goals and seeing if I want to keep the ones that I set back in June or tweak them or get rid of them all together.

I have broken down what I want to do into 4 main goals. House, personal, blog and work. These four areas are the ones that I tend to focus on when I am setting any goals and make sure that they feed back into my why and values.

Continue my minimalism journey

Playing the Mins Game last year was a big eye opener and I want to continue this and go back through the house again and get rid of more stuff. I know there are things that I can get rid of and there are things that could do with being stored away in the attic.

One thing that I do want to do is Project 333. 33 items of clothes for 3 months. I want to pair down my wardrobe into the things that I love and that I enjoy wearing. This is going to be more of a February challenge but I have a plan!

Finishing the hallway is something that needs to be completed. It has dragged on far too long now. I know what I need to get done to finish the hallway but I have a few things that are dependant on others. Watch this space for updates.

Lose weight

This is something that I need to get back on top of. I nearly got down to my goal weight before my wedding. Then afterwards, life got busy and planning food became very much a back seat to everything that we did.

Jono and I want to make an effort this year to track the food that we have and the meals that we use as go-to eats and then figure it out from there. So we will be joining Slimming World this time instead of Weight Watchers, having to measure EVERYTHING out was not fun.

Something that I know has helped in the past is Whole 30, I want try this again. Most likely not strictly to the letter but enough so that it works for us. We are big foodies and love cooking so this is something that should inspire us to get in the kitchen.

Exercise, oh that dreaded word. We have two exercise bikes in the dining room now so there is no excuse to not use them. If I can get into the habit of doing 30 mins a week that is more then I have in the past. Also, during the summer I want to get back to the swimming pool.

Blog more

Now I am aiming for 1 post a week. Whether that be a planner post, life post, PR or other. I want to do this once a week. I have a Trello board set up with all my ideas on it and the posts that I want to write I just need to build that out.

I also want to do more how to and development post, ie minimalism post and bullet journal or journaling in general. I have a lot of ideas and if there is anything that you to see here then drop a comment.

I also want to up my affiliate game and start to earn a bit more that way so that the blog can sustain it self and buy things to review and to also be able to do more giveaways for you guys.

Make Days Of The Year Bigger

There is not a lot I can share here but I want to put more creative thinking and time into Days Of The Year. It seems to have become a bit stagnant and I want to push it to the next level. So a lot of brain storming here is going to be needed.

Parting thoughts

I have a lot I want to do in 2019 and I have a lot of travel booked for this year as well. I am hoping to have a bit of a balance of each part of my life but as always it is going to take some work and I am very much looking forward to this year.

Let’s kick 2019’s butt!