Planner Review: Personal Planner

Planner Review: Personal Planner

Ready for number 4? Well here we go. Today’s planner is from Personal-Planner. Now this planner is one of the ULTIMATE customisable planners out there, I’m not going to show you how to order because that is half the fun! Designing you own planner to suite your needs so I will only be showing you what I have got for 2016. coverThe cover this year still has the frosted plastic front but the card underneath is much thick this year and is much more durable. That was a welcome change from last years. With a hundreds of choices of cover options and the ability to upload your own you can truly make this planner your own!

month-on-two-pagesNew this year is the monthly pages and this is one of the only planners that I know of that have a month that starts on a Monday! Huge plus for me. The paper in this planner is very thick and is very nice to write on eve with a super thin 0.38 G2. You may notice that there are no tabs on this planner but rather they have a little bit of colour that is in the bottom corner of the pages that you can see when you spread the pages.

monthly-tabsIt’s a really nice a subtle way to find where each month is. Then you have the weekly pages. These too have loads of options for customization as the header on the weekly’s can make your cover or you can make is something different.

horizontal-week-on-two-pagesI went for a horizontal layout because this was the way I was leaning when I ordered but I am not to sure yet whether I will be staying in a horizontal or going back to a vertical (watch this space). But when yo go through the order process there are loads of different options for the bottom of the pages which they call modules.

modulesThere really is a lot of choice; but you can not change that month there at the bottom this shows you where in the month you are which I quite like, and then there are modules within the days of the wee as well.

day-modulesThat weather box being one of them but you can also have work hours training and exercise. I went for a weather one because we all track the weather. When you get to the back of the book you have the option to add in note pages, music sheets, coloring pages, Sudoku and there are loads of other options. I went for notes because my planner carries everything and I dont like haveing to have a separate notebook from my planner.

note-pages-and-pocketYou also get a plastic wallet to go in the back and a elastic band to hold your planner together. The Personal-Planner is defiantly the most affordable planner out there and with the variety of options to make it you own no two planners will ever been the same and the quality of the planner it self is amazing. If you are looking for a beautiful planner that is pocket friendly this is the one for you.

Will you be having a Personal-Planner for 2016? Did you have one for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Planner Review: Personal Planner

  1. Hello!
    I’m trying to design my own planner on their paige, but it doesn’t offer me monthly layout? Could you maybe help me with instructions where can I choose the type of layout on their paige?



    1. Hey Sonja, When you go through the process of picking how you are wanting you planner to look like and you get to the back pages on the right-hand column at the top is Month overview if you select this it will put the months throughout the year for you.
      I hope that helps.

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