Cas(e) This Sketch #127

Well my Crafty Friends I seem to have been out of the loop for far longer than intended! But I think that I have a handle things now I have a schedule that I think I have got sorted! Well cross fingers. But it’s Thursday and Thursdays are good day because I get to share a new Cas(E) this Sketch inspiration with you. And better yet it’s one of my sketches!

CTS_127It’s very sunny here is the UK today and I have spent some time out in the garden working on the herb garden! It’s coming along really well! But I need to cut it back a bit and dry out some of the plants, it’s going to smell amazing in the house. Oh and did you see what Chrissy has got, baby Chickens, so cute would love to have chickens but I think patch might have something to say about that seen as though I got brought a Sparrow. 🙁 Never mind about that, as it is sunny out I decided to go with a sunny card.


Love this stamp set from Simon Says Stamps monthly kit. I have stopped the kits for now because I have a bit of a back log but I’m working on. We had a designer in on Monday and we are having  the little bedroom turned into a home office!! I am so excited!


My desk is going to the top one and the bottom one is going to be Jono’s desk. Super excited about this as this will be the first big project in the house and I can’t not wait until it is finished it’s going to be amazing! I’ll share photos!

Stay Crafty!

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